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This page contains a list of situational dialogue and conversations Thornton has with other characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Zither's remarks Edit

  • (Opening a barrier) That's what I'm for. Breaking barriers! (or) Zither has just the thing for this.
  • (Upon seeing a treasure room) Whoa!
  • (Beginning of final battle) Everyone ready to make some music?

Zither and Isabela Edit

  • Isabela: Looking good, sweet thing.
  • Zither: Right back at you, gorgeous.


  • Isabela: Every time we find gold, I think to myself: "Imagine the hats you could buy with this, Isabela!"
  • Zither: For me, it's doublets studded with Serault glass crystals. I am definitely commissioning one with "ZITHER!" across the back.

Zither and Hall Edit

  • Hall: So when we get back, does anyone fancy a drink at the tavern? That's what friends do, right?
  • Zither: You remind me of my harpsichordist, Edmond! I'm going to call you "Ed Two."

Zither and Belinda Edit

  • Belinda: I met the Divine Justinia only once before she died. She was lovely.
  • Zither: My drummer was at the Conclave, too! I think he exploded.

Zither and Tamar Edit

  • Tamar: Your Chantry goes belly up, the Inquisition steps in. Always something to keep the same people in power.
  • Zither: The Chantry... now they've had a great run. Loads of hit songs. Might make a comeback, you never know.

Zither and Sidony Edit

  • Sidony: (Disgusted noise.)
  • Zither: That reminds me of my old agent Alphonse. He used to say that a lot!

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