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Your Wounds are too Severe! is a menace card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Description Edit

Overcome by your injuries, your physicians have confined you to your bed. Through your window, high in the Heron Tower, you can hear Serault bustling on without you.

Available actions Edit


Rest until you are fully recovered
Serault will survive a while without you. Perhaps you can catch up on some reading...
Result: -Dignity, -Freedom, -Prosperity, -Peril, -Twilight, -Rumors of Revolution, + Scholarship


Get out of bed as soon as you're able to stand
Serault needs her Marquis!
Result: -Dignity, -Freedom, - Prosperity, +Peril, +Twilight, +Rumors of Revolution, +Derring-Do


Get out of bed as soon as you're able to stand
Chew on some Elfroot
Requires: Elfroot
Result: +4 Health

Notes Edit

Resting actually reduces Peril, Twilight, and Rumors of Revolution, despite the description.

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