Your Bailiff is Attacked is an event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Road and River.

Description Edit

He will recover. "This head's hard as old Serault oak," he sighs, rapping it. "A shame, really. I could do with a few days in bed." If lawless folk are bold enough to attack your own bailiff, who's next? A noble? Yourself? The Divine?

Bandits have attacked your Weary Bailiff and stolen your taxes. The woods hide many secrets. Today, they hide the guilty. The culprits have gone to ground.

Available actions Edit


Sanction the local villages until the bandits are handed over
Someone knows who did this.
Difficulty: Rulership*2
Success: -10 Peril
Failure: +10 Rumors of Revolution, -10 Prosperity, +1 Authority


Spread tax increases across the Marquisate
That will recover the lost revenue with a minimum of pain. Spend the income on additional security.
-10 Freedom, -20 Peril


Hunt down the perpetrators yourself
Their woodland refuge will be well-hidden.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*6/7
Success: -8 Peril, +2 Dignity
Failure: -6 Prosperity, -4 Dignity