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You can hear the Bard! is a limited event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It triggers after collecting 15 Closing In while hunting The Missing Bard.

Description Edit

The Wayward Bard's nearby, singing a solemn ballad of the Second Blight - something he only ever does when he's sober. Unfortunately, between you and him stretches a labyrinth of razor-thorned brambles thick as a keep's walls. Each thorn glistens with a gelatinous, amber resin.

Available actions Edit

Templatetools This section is incomplete and requires expansion.

Find a path to him
Every maze has a way through.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*6/5 (uses an action)
Success: →Your Bard is Restored to you
Failure: -5 Closing In, -10 Health


Hack your way through the bramble-maze
It'll hurt, but you can make it.
Success: -50 Health, →Your Bard is Restored to you

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