Wyrm Hole is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

An aggressive wyvern is harassing Crestwood's villagers. It lives in a cave up in the hills. A woman named Judith outside of town seemed interested in the body if someone manages to kill it.

Acquisition Edit

Speak with Judith after completing The Naturalist and choose the "What's this about a wyvern?" dialogue option.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Travel to the cave at the Glenmorgan Mine and through to the rear of the cave to find a hidden pond and three wyverns (two level 11 elite and one level 14/15 elite)
  • Kill the wyverns and return to Judith to complete the quest.


  • 242 XP
  • 80 Influence
  • Inquisition-Medium-Armor-Schematic-icon1 Warden Scout Armor SchematicWarden Scout Armor Schematic
    Medium Armor Schematic

    Armor: 143–167–186–206
    Armor: 15 Leather
    Defense: 8 Metal
    Defense: 8 Leather
    Masterwork: 1 Masterwork


  • The higher level wyvern always drops Fade-knocker icon Fade-KnockerFade-Knocker
    Unique Staff
    A staff handcrafted for battle. As Enchanter Islau once said: "Magic exists to serve man, and some are best served with a knock upside the head."
    Requires: Level 9

    Damage: 40–41 Electricity
    +25% Critical Chance
    +4 Willpower
    2% chance to cast Veilstrike on a hit
  • It is possible to kill the wyvern before obtaining the quest. If this happens, the quest can still be completed by talking to Judith afterwards.

Bugs Edit

The Wyverns may not spawn if What Pride Had Wrought is completed before the quest is able to be finished. The quest marker will remain and the area will be open however.