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Wooden Halla is an Act 2 companion quest for Merrill in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

The quest is initiated by purchasing Halla Carving from Master Ilen's shop at Sundermount during Act 2.

Halla Carving

The Halla Carving in Merrill's house

Walkthrough Edit

Drop by Merrill's Home at the Kirkwall Alienage in Lowtown to give her the gift. This will start a conversation about Merrill's surprise at receiving a gift (friendship) or about Master Ilen's halla carving "obsession" (rivalry).

Result Edit

  • Friendship small Merrill: friendship (+15) if already tending toward friendship with Merrill (Approval >= 0)
  • Rivalry small Merrill: rivalry (+15) if already tending toward rivalry with Merrill (Approval < 0)

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