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The Wooded Highway is the location of a random encounter, where darkspawn are fighting werewolves.

Background Edit

This encounter will only occur after Nature of the Beast and only if the Warden sided with the werewolves. They happen upon several of their werewolf allies battling darkspawn; they are outnumbered and require your assistance immediately.

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

Notable items Edit

Rgt ico elfroot ElfrootElfroot
The common name for canavaris, this herb actually has little to do with elves other than being commonly collected and traded to outsiders by the Dalish. It is the primary ingredient in many healing salves.

Use: Chewing elfroot restores a small amount of health, and those with skill can use elfroot to make more potent elixirs.

Notes Edit

  • A werewolf will win against two hurlocks if it hasn't been injured too badly.
  • It's nearly impossible to keep all the werewolves alive.

The enemies are arranged in the following formation:

  • Left Group: (shown in area image)
    • x2 Werewolves versus x4 Hurlocks, and x1 Ogre.
  • Center Group:
    • x2 Werewolves versus x2 Hurlocks, and x1 Ogre.
  • Right Group:
    • x2 Werewolves versus x1 Hurlock, and x1 Ogre.

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