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Witch of the Wilds

Flemeth and Morrigan, Witches of the Wilds

Witch of the Wilds is the name given to members of a group of apostate mages living in the Korcari Wilds and in the Tellari swamps.

They are not a clan, so much as a superstitious name the locals of these regions have given to the infamous Flemeth and her daughters, one of them being Morrigan, another being Yavana. The Witches of the Wilds are known to be powerful shapeshifters.

Known Witches of the Wilds Edit

  • Flemeth, also known as Asha'bellanar ("woman of many years") by the Dalish and "Mother of Vengeance" by the Chasind.
  • Morrigan, who lives in the Korcari Wilds in Ferelden.
  • Yavana, who lives in the Tellari Swamps in Antiva.
  • An unnamed witch (possibly Flemeth) who helped Calenhad Theirin gain power to become the first King of Ferelden.
  • An unnamed Antivan Witch of the Wilds (possibly the legendary "Witch of the Weyrs") who made a deal with Xenon the Antiquarian and granted him eternal life but not eternal youth during the Steel Age.
  • An unnamed witch in the Planasene Forest in Nevarra.[1]
  • An unnamed witch in the Nahashin Marshes in Orlais.[1]

References Edit

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