The Winding Alley is one of many small Undercity passages in Kirkwall, which leads to the Docks.


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for Dragon Age II.
Winding Alley is accessible during the quest Following the Qun, after speaking to Viscount Dumar in the Viscount's Keep. Hawke attempts to travel to the Qunari Compound at the Docks, but is automatically diverted to the Winding Alley instead. Hawke is ambushed by a group of thugs. After dispatching the thugs, Hawke is free to proceed to the Docks and speak to the Arishok.
Winding Alley Map

Map of the area

Enemies Edit

  • Thugs

Notable items Edit

Thug Leader drops:

Light helmet gold DA2 Cowl of the OverseerCowl of the Overseer
Light helmet
Silver Threaded
Requires: Mage
25 magic
15 willpower

Armor: 72
+16 mana/stamina
+41 attack
+2 mana/stamina regeneration rate
– if Hawke is a mage
Medium helmet gold DA2 Helm of EnasalinHelm of Enasalin
Medium helmet
Requires: 25 dexterity
25 cunning

Armor: 79
+2% critical chance
+6% critical damage
Bonus to lockpicking
– if Hawke is a rogue
Heavy helmet gold DA2 Stonehammer HelmStonehammer Helm
Heavy helmet
Red Steel
Requires: 25 strength
15 constitution

Armor: 85
+16 health
+41 attack
+2% critical chance
– if Hawke is a warrior