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Wilmod's Camp is a small campsite along the Wounded Coast outside Kirkwall. It is only accessible during Enemies Among Us. The location becomes available on the map after talking to the templar recruits in the Gallows.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

When entering the camp, Hawke will come upon Knight-Captain Cullen threatening one of the templar recruits, Wilmod. Despite Wilmod's insistence that he doesn't know anything, Cullen will hit him and draw his sword on him. When Hawke intervenes, Cullen tells Hawke to keep out of templar business; however, Wilmod suddenly stands up, declares angrily that this will be the last time that Cullen dares threaten him, and transforms into a Shade.

Cullen helps Hawke fight the demon and the abominations it summons, and afterwards Cullen reveals that he was attempting to get information from Wilmod, as the recruit had been demonstrating uncharacteristic behavior. He claims that he would not have hurt Wilmod and was just trying to make him understand that he was serious. Cullen also does not believe that Meredith had anything to do with it; apparently, it is true that templars must undergo a joining ritual, but it is nothing more than a silent vigil in which the greatest danger the recruits face is falling asleep.
Wilmod's Camp Map

Map of the area

Characters Edit

Enemies Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

Notable items Edit

Formula Design: Rune of Impact

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