Who Needs Rescuing? is an Act 3 side quest in Dragon Age II. Rescue Orlanna, a nobleman's daughter, from bandits who are holding her captive somewhere in The Wounded Coast.

Acquisition Edit

Act 3. Message at Hawke's Estate. Can only be completed if Feynriel was not made tranquil.

Walkthrough Edit

Accept the letter at Hawke Estate. Head towards the Wounded Coast. Go to the 1st path on the northeast side of the map. Head north and turn right to find a cul de sac. There you will see a lone girl who happens to be the kidnapped Orlanna.

As of patch 1.02, if you convinced Feynriel to leave for the Tevinter Imperium, Orlanna is the only person present in the camp. She says that Feynriel came to her in a dream, and when she awoke, the guards had killed each other. She asks to be taken to Feynriel, calling him her love, to thank him, but none of the dialogue options allow you to lead her to him.

The bandits will attack after the dialogue, leaving Orlanna to return to Kirkwall and wait for Feynriel.

Bugs Edit

  • Quest may appear in journal before reading the letter but Orlanna will not spawn until the letter is read and accepted.

Patch 1.03 Edit

  • This sidequest is now fixed in the newly released 1.03 patch.

Patch 1.02 Edit

  • ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360As of patch 1.02 the quest now updates properly and can be completed. Orlanna now appears and the bandit will react to your presence. You may need to speak to Orlanna first to get him to react.
  • It's possible that the quest itself may not update properly. Orlanna appears and you can fight the bandits, but after you've freed Orlanna from her captivity, the quest still remains active and the description text doesn't change. As a consequence the quest still can't be finished.
  • pcIcon pc A new quest marker will appear above the writing desk in Hawke's estate, but no corresponding message can be found and the quest marker remains after checking.

Patch 1.01 Edit

  • ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360As of 1.01, this quest cannot even be started. No letter appears at the Hawke Estate.

UnPatched Edit

  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 Quest may be bugged, preventing Orlanna from appearing at all. A bandit will be there, but he will not react to your presence.

Result Edit

Orlanna is by herself in the bandit camp, along with a few dead bodies. She asked you about her love, which turns out to be Feynriel. Regardless of your response, a group of bandits show up and attack you because they assume you killed the other bandits lying around the camp. Once you dispatch them, Orlanna says she will be returning to Kirkwall, where she hopes to reunite with her love once more in her dreams. This result is the same regardless of your chosen responses to her questions.

Rewards Edit

  • Hack - looted from the bandit leader
  • Random loot from dead bandits around Orlanna. No XP, items or gold (beyond what you get for killing the bandits), regardless of which dialogue options you pick.

Notes Edit

  • Hawke has the option to flirt with Orlanna, but nothing comes of it, not even a reaction from Orlanna. All dialogue options result in the bandit leader attacking.
  • One of the bandit corpses behind Orlanna has 2 Health Potions, regardless of how many are in your inventory. This allows you to overstock them for a more difficult fight, or store them at home until such a fight comes.

Trivia Edit

  • This quest does not exist in the official strategy guide.
  • You can chose to flirt with Orlanna, though this has no effect; she seems rather oblivious to it.