Euphidia has a lot to say on the subject of orniscopy, of course, but much of it is contradictory. Petrine is largely useless on the matter, but she does reference a flight of sparrows forming the pattern of a sunburst during the second Exalted March upon the Imperium, which makes me wonder if... ―The Kindly Knight

Wheeling Crows is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Omens or The Knight Requests an Audience.

Description Edit

Their dawn councils croak you awake. Their waste stains the tower walls. What do the damn things want?

For three days they have circled the south tower, croaking at dawn and dusk. The cook's boy swears one of them carries a serpent in its claws, but he has always struggled with an excess of imagination.

Available actions Edit


Call for soothsayers to read the signs
Can they show you the future?
Difficulty: Scholarship*2
Success: +10 Twilight, -10 Prosperity, +10 Clues, -10 Peril
Failure: +10 Twilight, +10 Peril


Ignore the portents
You'll not live your life at the behest of stars and chicken entrails.
Difficulty: Scholarship*2
Success: -10 Twilight, +20 Prosperity
Failure: -10 Twilight, +20 Peril


Decipher their meaning yourself
You have a way with such things.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*2
Success: +10 Twilight, +10 Clues
Failure: +6 Peril, -4 Prosperity, +5 Clues

Notes Edit

Ignore the portents is an easy challenge and one of the best ways to boost Prosperity, with no downsides if you succeed and are also trying to minimize Twilight.

No Prosperity is lost if Call for soothsayers to read the signs is failed.