The West Brecilian Forest is the first section of the Brecilian Forest that the Warden enters. This part features several streams crossing the pathways, and is where the Grand Oak lives. It can only be entered after approaching the Dalish Elf clans for the Nature of the Beast quest.

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West Brecilian Forest

Map of the area

Swiftrunner Edit

You will encounter Swiftrunner and two werewolves on an island to the north-east.

  • If you can Persuade you may be able to convince them that you mean them no harm. He will tell you that they hate Zathrian and to leave the forest.
    • If you can Persuade or Intimidate you may be able to convince them that you don’t want to fight but you can’t leave, or that you’re not going anywhere; they leave.
    • Otherwise you say there is no reason to fight, or you fight them (see below).
  • If you can Intimidate you may be able to convince them to leave.
  • If you say there is no reason to fight then they leave.
  • Otherwise you will have to fight them. Once one of them reaches 50% Health they break off the battle and leave (so you don’t gain any XP from killing them).

No matter what you do, you get:

  • 100 XP

Abandoned campsite Edit

There is an "abandoned" campsite near The Grand Oak. This campsite is a trap; an illusion set up by a Greater shade. The party's actions upon entering the area either increase or decrease their ability to stay awake and defend themselves. If party resistance falls to -6, the entire party will fall asleep except for the character with the highest willpower, who must fight the shade.

The party's resistance changes as follows:

1. This campsite appears remarkably intact. The tents and bedrolls are covered with leaves, but are dry and whole. +1

Morrigan: How odd. A camp with no campers, complete with fire and warm blankets. Rather inviting, would you not say?

  • More suspicious than inviting. +2
  • Everything is so clean. Where are the ones who set it up? +1
  • This does look like an ideal place to camp, I must admit. -1

Wynne: This is strange. The werewolves would not use such a camp, would they? Whoever this belongs to must be nearby.

  • You're probably right. Keep an eye out. +2
  • It could belong to the elves. Perhaps they will return? +1
  • I don't see any tracks around. It seems safe. -1

Alistair: Now this is peculiar. Whoever this belonged to must have just recently abandoned it. We should be careful. +1

  • You're probably right. Keep an eye out. +1
  • It could belong to the elves. Perhaps they will return?

Sten: No tracks. Whoever built this must still be here.

  • You're probably right. Keep an eye out. +2
  • It could belong to the elves. Perhaps they will return?
  • I doubt they're invisible. Looks completely safe to me. -1

Dog: <desc>Barks menacingly</desc>

  • You sense something, boy? It does seem odd, doesn't it? +1
  • I know what you mean. Still, it looks like nobody's here.
  • Calm down, boy. Whoever this belonged to is gone. -1

Leliana: Oh, my. Did this belong to the elven hunters? I'm surprised the fire hasn't burned out of control. Lucky for us, perhaps.

  • We should be careful. This seems strange. +1
  • Perhaps. It does seem like the werewolves haven't been here.
  • A lucky find. It must have been abandoned not long ago. -1

Shale: Someone camped here. This must be a secluded spot, doesn't it agree?

  • We should be careful. This seems strange. +1
  • Perhaps. It does seem like the werewolves haven't been here.
  • A lucky find. It must have been abandoned not long ago. -1

Oghren: Looks like someone fled in a hurry. You think they left any provisions?

  • Be careful. We don't know what happened to the owners.
  • It might not be a bad idea to take a look around, perhaps. -1
  • It's very clean and inviting, at least. -1

Zevran: Mercy! An old camp in the middle of the bloody forest? Now I call that an invitation.

  • It might not be a bad idea to take a look around, perhaps. -1
  • Be careful. We don't know what happened to the owners.
  • A lucky find. It must have been abandoned not long ago. -1

2. You examine the remains of the fire pit. It has been untended for several hours at most. The embers draw you in, almost hypnotizing you... -5

  • Sten: There is something odd here... the way the fire draws the eye... -2
  • Zevran: I'm surprised that fire hasn't burnt out. We should tend it... Is there a stick about? *Yawns* I am tired... -1
  • Oghren: Maybe we should tend that... get the flames going, you know, cook something. I'm starving. Or we could sleep... -1
  • Morrigan: Do not... look in the fire. It draws my strength. Perhaps we should... sit down... rest... -1
  • Leliana: The lights in the fire... they are so pretty. The flickering... glowing warmth... comfort... I wish I could just lie here and... +1
  • Alistair: Mmmm. I sense magic at work. The fire is... it's weakening us. Can you feel it? It... it wants us to stay. +1
  • Wynne: Quick, look away from the fire. There is a power at work here... It... makes us weak... +1
  • Shale: The fire attempts to drain our energies. Even I feel its power. +2
  • Stop! We need to get away from this, now! +1
  • Stay alert. This could be some kind of trap...
  • Can you feel the power here? What is this? -1

3. You examine the bedroll. It looks clean and warm. You feel like you haven't slept in ages. It would be so nice to curl up and sleep... -5

  • Wynne: I feel... magic here. Draining my strength. We must leave, and soon... +3
  • Shale: I find it difficult to move. We should leave this place at once, before we are frozen in place forever! +2
  • Sten: Keep moving. Something is wrong... +1
  • Alistair: You know, I feel as if I could sleep for days. Do you feel it? It's... not quite right. +1
  • Morrigan: I did not realize I was so tired. We should... sleep for a while. Or... did I just say that? -1
  • Zevran: These bedrolls look... mmmm... do you feel that? Like a cloud is settling over my head. To think, I usually pay good coin to get this kind of sensation... -1
  • Oghren: Mmmm, do you feel that? The bedroll is calling me. I'd collapse right here if my smallpants weren't riding up on me. -2
  • Leliana: I am so sleepy. I feel... drunk, almost. I could fall over right now. -3
  • Sleeping here would be bad, I think. We should leave... +1
  • I feel it, too. We need to stay awake.
  • This is so strange. Let's look around some more. -1

4. You look inside the tent and are surprised by how dry and cozy it feels. It is clean, but empty. What a pleasant place to rest your head... -5

  • Alistair: The elven hunters didn't set this up. How strange. And yet it all just seems so... friendly. I want to do nothing but remain. +1
  • Zevran: The elven hunters didn't make this camp. Yet I don't feel very bloody concerned about that. I just want a nap, of all things. Go figure. +1
  • Leliana: Wow, that is a nice tent. Could we sleep here? This seems like the perfect spot. And I am just so... tired. -2
  • Oghren: I never understood these 'tents'. Better to dig a hole in the ground, I think. Still, it looks so comfortable inside... -1
  • Morrigan: Don't... go in there. Can't you feel the... power? Something is dreadfully wrong here... +1
  • Sten: Mm. I do not like this. It is too inviting. +1
  • Shale: Strong magic is at work here. It is not wise to enter the tent. +1
  • Wynne: Must... resist this exhaustion. Strange and malevolent power... but my, that does look inviting... +1
  • No, we can't sleep here. We need to go. +1
  • We can't leave yet. We need to stay alert.
  • I want to know what's going on. We're not leaving. -1

5. As you turn to leave, you find your steps growing leaden. Fatigue tugs at your limbs and you yawn. It has been a long journey, perhaps it is safe to rest here? -5

  • Oghren: We're not bloody leaving? I'm exhausted! Why let this camp go to waste? -2
  • Zevran: You know, if it's all the same to you, why don't we sit down a while? Strange as it sounds, I'd rather camp here before going back out into the forest. -2
  • Dog: <desc>Whines plaintively and yawns</desc> -1
  • Wynne: Perhaps we're being too hasty in leaving. I'm too old for all this running around... the camp looks like a good spot to rest, so long as we're watchful. -1
  • Leliana: We're going? My feet are so sore. If we're careful, we could use this camp, couldn't we? Would it be that bad? -1
  • Sten: <desc>Yawns</desc> You wish to leave already? Why? +1
  • Morrigan: I am suddenly feeling quite drained. Do you feel that? Is the forest doing that? Perhaps we should rest a bit before moving on... +1
  • Alistair: Can you feel that? It feels as if... the strength is running out of me. I want nothing more than to sleep, to light the fire. How... strange... +1
  • Shale: There is a force at work here. I did not feel it earlier, but now... I am having trouble moving. +2

Wynne may use Vessel of the Spirit at the start of the fight. It is unknown whether that causes an exception to, or is the effect of an exception to, the sleep effect. The spell would seem to allow Wynne to resist sleeping when she would not have on her own merits, i.e., her Willpower. The lack of a stun for Wynne to suffer may mean there is a different spell by the same name in the game, or that the indicator was just a visual lie, perhaps meant to clarify the resistance.

If you have the Grand Oak’s Branch or the Mad Hermit’s Werewolf Pelt then the Shade’s illusion will dissipate as it attacks and all party members awake.

This encounter is significantly easier if a Spirit Healer Mage has learned Revival, as it can be used to revive any party members that have fallen "asleep," allowing your entire party to make quick work of the Shade.

Anyone that was put to sleep now has an Injury.

The encounter yields Dalish Gloves (gift) and Dusk Ring.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Nature of the Beast
Ico Quest The Mage's Treasure
Ico Quest Sign of Safe Passage
Ico Quest Wounded in the Forest
Ico Quest Places of Power
Ico Quest Rare Ironbark

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Grand Oak Clearing

Note: These darkspawn only appear if you killed the Grand Oak and return later.

Notable items Edit

Rgt ico deathroot DeathrootDeathroot
A harmless enough plant on its own, deathroot's thick leaves contain an extract that the Chasind have used to induce hallucinations for centuries. Sufficiently concentrated, it can be made into a deadly poison.
Ico boots light Deygan's BootsDeygan's Boots
Light boots
Reinforced (Tier 5)
Requires: 17 strength

Armor: 1.75
Fatigue: 0.55%
+2 constitution
, source: Deygan
Ico axe Deygan's Dal'ThanuDeygan's Dal'Thanu
Veridium (Tier 4)
Requires: 19 strength

Damage: 7.80
Critical chance: 1.30%
Armor penetration: 2.90
Strength modifier: 1.10
Rune slot
+10% nature resistance
+4 attack
, source: Deygan
Ico ring Dusk RingDusk Ring
The signs of dwarven craftsmanship on this ring are clear. Carved from a single, flawless piece of amethyst, it is heavy and cool to the touch. When equipped in a set with the ring named Dawn, the character gains a bonus to armor.

+3 cunning
-1 strength
, source: Chest (after defeating the Greater Shade)
Note: This can be traded to the Mad Hermit (even though he asks for a Silver Ring, this is the only ring he will take).
Rgt ico elfroot ElfrootElfroot
The common name for canavaris, this herb actually has little to do with elves other than being commonly collected and traded to outsiders by the Dalish. It is the primary ingredient in many healing salves.

Use: Chewing elfroot restores a small amount of health, and those with skill can use elfroot to make more potent elixirs.
Plt ico ironbark wood IronbarkIronbark
Plot item
Somewhat blue in color, this rare wood is found only in the Brecilian Forest. It is surprisingly strong and is very light.
, source: Fallen Tree
Ico belt Magister's CinchMagister's Cinch
This was formed from several braided strips of dark material. One feels ice cold to the touch. Another, extremely hot. Yet another seems almost to have a pulse of its own.

Reduces hostility
+10% to healing effects received
, source: Corpse
Ico amulet Silver CordSilver Cord
The central gem of this piece serves merely as clasp for the cord, a weave of sliver almost ethereal in weight. It may be of mortal origin, but it is far too delicate to have felt hammer or tong.

+5% spirit resistance
+2% spell resistance
, source: drop Ogre

Notable gifts for companions:

Plt ico andrastes grace Andraste's GraceAndraste's Grace
A small white wildflower, commonly known as Andraste's Grace.
Tre ico dalish deerhide Dalish GlovesDalish Gloves
These gloves are made of supple leather and lined with soft rabbit fur.
, gift, source: Chest (after defeating the Greater Shade)
Note: After you give these to Zevran he will equip them, replacing whatever gloves he was currently wearing. You can remove them and equip his original gloves with no Approval change.
Tre ico painted skyball Painted SkyballPainted Skyball
This almost-perfect orb is made of a polished black stone and has been painted to look like the night sky, complete with constellations.
, source: Rubble
Tre ico dog bone 2 Ox BoneOx Bone
This ox bone still has some tendon attached to it.
, source: Rubble

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Bugs Edit

  • There is an occasional glitch with the group of darkspawn, where if the character doesn't interact with them, they stop and stand around as NPCs. The Warden may not interact or fight them like this.
  • A Ranger with a summoned pet can run into Game Over upon sleeping at the Abandoned Campsite, likely due to the game picking the pet as the non-KO'd companion.