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Well, Shit is a companion quest for Varric in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Bianca says Corypheus is getting his red lyrium from the thaig Hawke and Varric discovered years ago - on their expedition into the Deep Roads under Kirkwall. It may be possible to reach it using an entrance to the Deep Roads somewhere in the Hinterlands.

Acquisition Edit

Available after completing the main quest Here Lies the Abyss. Talk to Varric to trigger a cutscene when he is speaking to a female dwarf called Bianca. She explains that there is a lead for Corypheus's red lyrium source, as the location of a thaig inside Valammar has been leaked. Agreeing to help her starts the quest.

Note: It is possible to venture to Valammar earlier during the quest Deep Trouble, but doing so will not have any negative consequences to pursuing this quest.

Walkthrough Edit


The key to the red lyrium mine

Note: If this is your first time in Valammar (i.e. you've not yet completed Deep Trouble), it is advisable to have at least one mage and one warrior in your party as there is a darkspawn cave to be closed by energizing it, and a few walls to be bashed.

Enter Valammar in the Hinterlands. The fastest way there is teleporting to Upper Lake Camp. Bianca will be waiting inside Valammar and accompany the group. Head to the lower terrace and let her open the door.

Kill the mobs in the room and loot everything. Codex entry: A Different Darkspawn? can be found here as well. The second key is found in the end of the room, on the desk. In the following cutscene, it is revealed that Bianca was the leak - she gave the key to the red lyrium mine to a corrupted Warden (Larius/Janeka, depending on the previous choices during Legacy), so she unknowingly helped Corypheus. Return to Skyhold and speak to Varric about what happened.

Note: Be sure that the key is the last thing you take, otherwise after the cutscene the door will be locked behind you with no way to get to the rest of the loot.

Rewards Edit

  • 1,025 XP
  • 400 Influence
  • 3 Power

Results Edit

  • When talking to Varric, there is now the option to ask more about Bianca.
  • There is an amusing cutscene that plays after completing this quest and talking to Varric again.
  • Varric's Tarot Card changes to "The Sun."

Approval Edit

Open the locked door Edit


  • That was handy. - (No effect)
  • You were waiting to do that. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves
  • There's no time to waste. - (No effect)

Finding the key Edit

Bianca: I just ... wanted to figure it out.

  • Did you? - (No effect)
  • You're not saying everything. - (No effect)
  • That was stupid. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves

Bianca: Then I went to you.

  • It isn't really your fault. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves
  • You put this on us. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves
  • You've done a lot of damage. -
    DAIApproval Varric Disapproves

Varric: As if i would tell stories about my own mistakes!

  • Varric is right. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves
  • She's right. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves
  • Just let it go. - (No effect)
  • Get a room, you two. - (No effect)

Back at Skyhold Edit

Varric: And I am not good at dealing with shit like this.

  • Nobody is. - (No effect)
  • Talk your way out of it. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Disapproves
  • Just confront it. - (No effect)

Varric: If Cassandra hadn't dragged me here, I'd be in Kirkwall right now, pretending none of this was happening.

  • No you wouldn't. -
    DAIApproval Varric Approves
  • Nothing's stopping you. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Approves
  • She did you a favor. -
    DAIApproval Varric Slightly Disapproves

Bugs Edit

  • If you entered Valammar previously as part of Keeping the Darkspawn Down and sealed the tunnel, a new Hurlock alpha will spawn on your return and the Inquisitor will still remark that the hole needs to be sealed even if it already has been.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: A Different Darkspawn?

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