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Welcome to Skyhold is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It serves as an introduction to two important locations within Skyhold.

This new home for the Inquisition has a lot to offer. Take a look around.

Acquisition Edit

Triggered automatically upon completion of the main quest In Your Heart Shall Burn.

Walkthrough Edit

To complete the quest you simply need to find the war room and the blacksmith.

The war room is through the door immediately on the right when you re-gain control of the Inquisitor. Enter the war room to complete the objective.

The blacksmith, Harritt, is found in the Undercroft if you turn around and go through the door at the end on the right. This objective is met simply by entering the Undercroft.

Rewards Edit

  • Finding the war room yields 50 XP
  • Finding the blacksmith yields 50 XP

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