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Warplate of the Champion is a unique heavy chestpiece in Dragon Age II. It is a part of the Mantle of the Champion set for warriors.

Acquisition Edit

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Heavy boots purple DA2 Boots of the ChampionBoots of the Champion
Heavy boots
Requires: 31 strength
31 constitution

Armor: 119
Rune slot
+18 health
+52 attack
+4% physical damage
Heavy helmet purple DA2 Helm of the ChampionHelm of the Champion
Heavy helmet
Requires: 31 strength
31 constitution

Armor: 132
Rune slot
+20 health
+58 attack
+3% critical chance
Heavy gloves purple DA2 Gauntlets of the ChampionGauntlets of the Champion
Heavy gloves
Requires: 31 strength
18 constitution

Armor: 79
Rune slot
+12 health
+35 attack
+1% attack speed
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Mantle of the Champion

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