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Warden Commander Gloves are massive gloves in Dragon Age: Origins. They require the Warden's Keep DLC, and are part of the Warden Commander armor set.

Acquisition Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins.
The set that these gloves are part of, is found at the Warden's Keep. It can only be obtained by killing the demon-possessed corpse of Sophia Dryden, Levi Dryden's great-great grandmother, as part of the Soldier's Peak quest line.

Notes Edit

  • The set does not port into Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. A Warden wearing the set at the end of Origins will begin Awakening without any armor at all.
    • An unofficial mod can be found here will allow users to transfer all of their DLC content items over to Awakening when making a new character or importing their Origins character. Make sure the items are in the inventory or being worn at the time of transfer.
  • The tier of this armor varies depending on the level of the Warden when first arriving at the Soldier's Peak.

Upgrading Edit

  • On the console version, the armor can be upgraded by putting it in the party storage chest, leaving the map and returning.
  • On the PC version, the armor can only be upgraded by selling it to an NPC vendor such as Mikhael Dryden.

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