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While working at the war table The Inquisitor's advisors, Cullen Rutherford, Josephine Montilyet, and Leliana engage in dialogue with each other.


(After Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts)

  • Josephine: I have request for information on your lineage from a few interested parties at the Winter Palace.
  • Cullen: Andraste preserve me! Feel free to use those requests as kindling.
  • Leliana: No, I shall take them. I want to know who pines for our commander. We can use this to our advantage.
  • Cullen: I'm not bait!
  • Leliana: Hush! Just look pretty.
(If Leliana was in a relationship with a female Mage Warden)
  • Cullen: So you and, uh...
  • Leliana: Yes?
  • Cullen: Was she... I mean... did she ever...?
  • Leliana: Are you asking for details?
  • Cullen: I, uh, no! That would be, uh, inappropriate.
    (If Inquisitor in a romance with Cullen)
  • Cullen: Inquisitor, we were...
  • Leliana: Eagerly awaiting your presence -- some of us more than others.
  • Cullen: I wasn't... I mean, I was... We have work to do.
  • Leliana: Of course.
(Possibly a reference to Garrus, from Bioware's other game, Mass Effect, who would say he needed to do "some calibrations" when bothered.)
  • Cullen: I should inspect the condition of the trebuchets. They must be calibrated to reach the proper range.
  • Josephine: Again? How many times will you be doing that?
  • Josephine: You've styled your hair that way for ages now Leliana, why don't we do something new with it?
  • Leliana: I'm used to the way it is.
  • Josephine: What about our commander?
  • Leliana: He does something with his hair already.
  • Josephine: It does look very nice today.
  • Cullen: I don't..
  • Leliana: You mean it just gets that way on its own?
  • Cullen: Not entirely.
  • Josephine: Laughs
  • Leliana: Has either of you noticed a change in Morrigan? I fear for her.
  • Cullen: Fear for her? Rather than fearing what she will do? You do care!
  • Leliana: I would have concern for anyone who came into contact with that... thing.
  • Cullen: If you squint Lake Calenhad is shaped like a bunny.
  • Josephine: Perhaps we should take a...
  • Leliana: Oh, I think I see it.
(If Cassandra is made Divine)
  • Cullen: Is it me or is Cassandra more solemn than usual?
  • Josephine: Lady Pentaghast only contemplates what awaits the next Divine.
  • Leliana: You know Cassandra hates being called Lady Pentaghast.
  • Josephine: I look forward to seeing Divine Victoria's reaction to the ceremony around her inauguration.
(If Leliana is made Divine)
  • Cullen: So Leliana, should I bow whenever you come into the room now?
  • Leliana: The ceremony is not for a while.
  • Josephine: It will be strange to see you and think, there walks Divine Victoria.
  • Leliana: Then let us enjoy these moments while they last, as colleagues.
  • Cullen: Or as friends.
  • Leliana: What's this, a breach in decorum?
  • Cullen: Perish the thought.
  • Josephine: Do you ever wonder what lies at the edges of the map, past the seas?
  • Cullen: No.
  • Leliana: I think we have enough to worry about on this continent.
  • Josephine: Of course, but... sigh
  • Josephine: Inquisitor, you should know that your spymaster is an incorrigible prankster.
  • Leliana: I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Josephine: My, my things, in the courtyard.
  • Leliana: The ruffles were very festive.
  • Josephine: Leliana!
  • Josephine: It's a bit cold in here, don't you think?
  • Leliana: We are in the mountains.
  • Cullen: I'm more concerned about everything scattering when there's a draft.
(After Champions of the Just)
  • Josephine: Are the templars satisfied with their accommodations?
  • Cullen: How fancy do you think rooms were at the Circle?
  • Cullen: You seemed to enjoy yourself at the Winter Palace, Leliana, or was that part of The Game?
  • Leliana: Perhaps it was both.
  • Josephine: The city has agreed to send us five dozen guardsmen.
  • Cullen: Not raw recruits? Well, with luck they'll know which end to grip a sword by.
  • Josephine: A pity about Ser Michel.
  • Cullen: Pity!? The circumstances surrounding his death are a stain on this Inquisition.
  • Josephine: The situation is... complicated.
  • Josephine: I'm sorry about Natalie.
  • Leliana: She bought in on herself.
  • Josephine: Did you find what you wanted at Valence?
  • Leliana: Yes, everything thanks to the Inquisitor.
(If Loranil is recruited as an agent)
  • Cullen: That Dalish elf who joined us is eager to say the least.
  • Leliana: The Dalish possess great knowledge. We should be honored to have him with us.
(If the Inquisitor did not romance Blackwall or Josephine)
  • Leliana: You have an admirer.
  • Josephine: Shh, *laughs* not now.
  • Cullen: Any new of rifts beyond the reach of the Inquisition?
  • Leliana: Yes, and it is not good.
  • Josephine: Are you alright Leliana?
  • Leliana: Are you?
  • Josephine: I suppose not. Haven was trying.
  • Leliana: Letters are pouring in from all corners. Congratulations, pledges of loyalty, conversions to Andraste.
  • Cullen: All premature until we deal with Corypheus.
  • Josephine: Have the supplies reached out people in the Arbor Wilds?
  • Cullen: I made sure of it. Too many strange plants there. We don't need stomach cramps sweeping the army.
  • Leliana: Really, you did not notice?
  • Josephine: I had no idea Lady Beverly was one of your people. You might have told me before I embarrassed myself.
  • Cullen: Anything yet?
  • Leliana: It is difficult to know if the lyrium in Redcliffe came from Kirkwall. The herald only saw it in the future.
  • Leliana: Your soldiers seem energized lately, Commander.
  • Cullen: Templars set high standards for discipline. They set our recruits a good example.
  • Josephine: I didn't even know Envy demons existed.
  • Leliana: Nor I. Hiding in plain sight. Some must be impossible to find.
  • Cullen: Not entirely. Envy is never satisfied with a single face for long.
  • Josephine: I found the money. The Inquisition will compensate the families of those we lost at Haven.
  • Cullen: Thank you.
  • Cullen: We cannot neglect our soldiers' training.
  • Josephine: Can we neglect roads? Our allies cannot take the same route through the mountains we did.
(After In Your Heart Shall Burn)
  • Cullen: If it was abandoned when we arrived, who named this place Skyhold?
  • Josephine: Skyhold does seem more secure than Haven.
  • Cullen: Only if we have the numbers to defend it.
  • Leliana: Solas says it changed hands so many times, the original builders can't be traced.
  • Josephine: I read the house of Armitage once built a fortress in the vicinity five ages ago, but the records are lost.
  • Cullen: Is all quiet in the Hissing Wastes?
  • Leliana: Any remaining Venatori are stragglers. I imagine their failure has set heads rolling.
  • Josephine: I'm still surprised you put such effort into staffing a fortress in Crestwood, of all places.
  • Leliana: The village has a strategic location, one that few would suspect us to hold so tightly.
  • Cullen: A place like this serves no purpose without enough people to make the running worthwhile.
  • Leliana: It was interesting to see how much has changed in Halamshiral. And so little.
  • Josephine: Madame Eprise is a fixture. The sun will grow cold before she retires.
  • Josephine: If you require any help finding this woman who leads the Venatori, I do keep contacts in Tevinter.
  • Leliana: Thank you, but I must involve as few people as possible. Calpernia has a gift for ferreting out spies close to her door.
  • Josephine: (Hums.)
  • Leliana: You're doing it again!
  • Josephine: Oh! I do apologize.
  • Cullen: Now that's going to be in my head all day.
  • Cullen: So, the Ben-Hassrath.
  • Josephine: We will need to handle this... carefully.
  • Leliana: I will.
  • Cullen: The darkspawn have been driven back on the Storm Coast.
  • Leliana: Let us pray they do not return.
  • Josephine: Is Knight Captain Rylen satisfied with his post?
  • Cullen: It's not an easy assignment, but if anyone can handle the Approach, it's him.
  • Leliana: Crestwood has had no further trouble with the undead.
  • Cullen: After what happened, it will take time for the village to recover.
  • Leliana: My scouts report no signs of danger in the pass nearby.
  • Cullen: I will arrange patrols to ensure it stays that way.
  • Josephine: We've all seen the reports now, yes? Leliana - future Leliana - was frightening.
  • Cullen: Wait. Is it... was frightening, or is frightening? Is going to be frightening?
  • Leliana: I'm not her. I hope you all understand that.
  • Cullen: You read the report?
  • Leliana: It was... unusual. Is he always so blunt?
  • Cullen: (Chuckles.) Yes.
  • Josephine: I've arranged an accord between the Marquis and the Dowager.
  • Leliana: Wonder of wonders. Perhaps they can be useful to us after all.
  • Cullen: The captain sent back sketches of the walls. Our experts say the look elven.
  • Leliana: Interesting. Does Corypheus send scholars to find something the elves buried? Or something buried with them?
  • Leliana: I have not asked in a while; how goes the hunt for Samson?
  • Cullen: We're close, I know it.
  • Leliana: If I can help you any further...
  • Cullen: Thank you. I appreciate it.
  • Josephine: You were saying something about... Cullen?
  • Cullen: Hmm? I, ah- Yes. Haven has limited space for our soldiers to train. Perhaps we could set up something over here.
  • Josephine: Chancellor Roderick came to speak with me. Could you try not to antagonize him?
  • Cullen: If I offend the man so easily, perhaps he should try leaving me alone.
  • Cullen: Has Cassandra spoken to you about my new recruits?
  • Leliana: They are not your recruits, Commander. They are ours.
  • Josephine: We are garnering interest from the capital.
  • Cullen: You're not pleased?
  • Josephine: I am not convinced we are prepared for the full scrutiny of Val Royeaux.
  • Josephine: Have you kept in touch with our friends in Lady Esterly's estate?
  • Leliana: Several bards will play for her tomorrow night. We will have names soon enough.
  • Leliana: I have something for you, Commander. The soldiers the Herald rescued from the Fallow Mire arrived an hour ago.
  • Cullen: Thank the Maker. We need good news.
  • Leliana: Someone's turning into a bit of a dragon hunter, I've heard.
  • Leliana: How are the rescue efforts? Have they found anyone alive?
  • Cullen: Excavation is slow, as you can imagine.
  • Cullen: Well...
  • Leliana: Indeed.
  • Cullen: The Chantry has yet to collapse on itself, that's something.
  • Josephine: There will be guidance. No doubt Madame Vivienne will deliver edicts when she becomes Divine.
  • Cullen: The people won't accept a mage.
  • Leliana: We shall see.
  • Josephine: Any news on why Corypheus is sending people to explore elven ruins, of all things?
  • Leliana: No. I suspect he keeps the reason secret, even from his inner circle.
  • Josephine: What have your ears heard, Leliana? Anything new we don't already know about?
  • Leliana: No. Nothing. My scouts still comb the hills for clues about the explosion. I'll take what I can find.
  • Cullen: There's nothing to do with fairness. We simply can't accommodate them if they bring that many servants.
  • Josephine: I will speak to the Duchess. She can be reasoned with, after a fashion.
  • Cullen: Master Dennet's horses are a fine addition to our stables. I will see they are well tended.
  • Cullen: Can you arrange what we discussed earlier, Ambassador?
  • Josephine: Of course. Are you alright? You've been... Ever since-
  • Cullen: I'm fine.
  • Cullen: With rifts contained in the area, we can send in smaller groups to offer relief.
  • Leliana: I agree. Are you well?
  • Cullen: A headache, nothing more.
  • Leliana: How is Baron Edouard?
  • Josephine: Cold, I imagine.
  • Leliana: Why? If the Red Lyrium continues to grow, the cold will be the least of his problems.
  • Leliana: Word is spreading that the Wardens were banished.
  • Josephine: There have been murmurs, from some quarters. About what might happen if another blight comes.
  • Leliana: Sighs. What happened in Adamant is a shame.
  • Leliana: You're concerned.
  • Cullen: The consequences of drinking from that Well... (Sighs.) Never mind.