Walter is one of the many Fereldans who fled to Kirkwall in the wake of the Fifth Blight.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

Walter is involved in the quest On The Loose.

He is seen in Darktown along with Cricket. Hawke approaches him and it is revealed that Evelina brought him here with other child refugees who were escaping the Blight. Walter and the other child refugees are orphans and Evelina is taking care of them. Hawke asks Walter for Evelina's whereabouts. He refuses to answer. Cricket then steps in and runs away after accidentally revealing the sewers where Evelina is hiding. Walter then chases after him. Hawke and company pursue them both. After a confrontation with Evelina,who has become an abomination, Hawke is then left a choice between helping Walter or leaving him to his own devices. Either choice puts him in the position of being the sole caretaker of the child refugees. Walter will later send a letter to Hawke, thanking the Champion for introducing him to Bodahn who has been helping him find homes for the child refugees. Walter also reveals that he has found employment as a delivery boy.