Wade is the owner of Wade's Emporium in Denerim Market District, and he is an exceptionally skilled smith. Unfortunately, his perfectionism left him with very few customers. To avoid going bankrupt, his partner[1], Herren, is taking care of the financial side of the business.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins.
Wade can make drake and dragon armors from drake scales and dragon scale, finding scales will give you the quests Drake Scale Armor and Dragon Scale Armor. When you visit Wade's Emporium with Drake Scales in your inventory, you will get the option to talk to Herren about the scales, which leads to Wade crafting Wade's Drakeskin Armor for you.

Dragon Age: Awakening Edit

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Wade moved to Vigil's Keep in the Arling of Amaranthine temporarily in the aftermath of the Fifth Blight on account of Herren being paid by the monarchy to supply armour and weapons for the troops at Vigil's Keep. If the Warden-Commander speaks to Wade, he'll ask them to look for exotic building materials so he can "have a challenge once again" and make some excellent quality weaponry and armor. If Wade is supplied with the proper materials, he will craft the first batch of signature Silverite armours which results in the famous sobriquet of the Grey Wardens' support troops in the Arling; the Silver Order. You can also mention the Drakescale Armor and purchase Wade's Drakeskin, Dragonskin, and Dragonbone armors from Herren, but the superior versions of each are not available.

See A Master's Work for details.

The Darkspawn Chronicles Edit

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Wade and Herren can be found behind their their shop during the Darkspawn's massacre of the Denerim Market District. The pair are distributing arms and supplies to Denerim's beleaguered defenders. However if the Hurlock Vanguard corners them in the alley next to the cathedral and attempts to attack them, Herren will transform into a Desire demon and the two men will vanish. However this is not canon. [2]

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

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Herren contacts the Inquisition, offering to exchange Wade's notes on working high dragon materials in exchange for the dragon materials already collected. If the Inquisition accepts Herren's offer, Wade sends the Inquisition his notes and a fulsome letter of thanks regarding his happiness to be crafting dragonbone items again.

Items crafted by Wade Edit

From drakescales Edit

Ico armor light Wade's Drakeskin armor set
Ico armor light Wade's Superior Drakeskin armor set

From dragonscales Edit

Ico armor med Wade's Dragonskin armor set
Ico armor med Wade's Superior Dragonskin armor set
Ico armor heavy Wade's Heavy Dragonscale armor set
Ico armor heavy Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale armor set
Ico armor massive Wade's Dragonbone Plate armor set
Ico armor massive Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate armor set

In Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

Vigilance longsword Vigilance (longsword)
Vigilance greatsword ico Vigilance (greatsword)
Heartwood Bow Heartwood Bow
IconeHeartwoodShield Heartwood Shield
IconGolemShellArmor Golem Shell Armor

References Edit

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