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Rest assured, dear Seeker. I'm never truly out of my element.[1]


Vivienne closer look
First Enchanter (self-proclaimed)[2]
Enchanter to the Imperial Court of Orlais

Vivienne is an Orlesian mage, personal enchanter and adviser to the Empress Celene and a companion to the Inquisitor in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Background Edit

Vivienne is straight-laced[3] and pro-Circle[4] and was set to be appointed the First Enchanter of one of the two Circles of Orlais, either in Montsimmard or in Val Royeaux. However, the Mage-Templar War and the Orlesian Civil War started before she could formally assume the position[4].

Vivienne is a connoisseur of fashion, placing beauty above function. Caring more about her outward appearance than protection, Vivienne is always found in the finest silks and jewels. Her rich wardrobe and appreciation of fashion speaks of her station, being dubbed "the jewel of the high court of Orlais",[5] where she serves in an advisory capacity to the empress.

As a cunning participant in Orlesian politics, Vivienne doesn't let anyone stand in the way of her goals. The important thing to her is that she is left standing at the end of her struggle for order. To this end, Vivienne defies those who may see her only as a social climber or someone whose power must be restricted, and even fellow mages who try to push her into backing the Mage-Templar War, a rebellion she does not support.[6]

Involvement Edit

Vivienne is one of the Inquisitor's companions. She joins up with the Inquisition to help her fellow mages however she can.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • According to David Gaider, Vivienne's "fashion touchstone" is Maleficent.[7]
  • Vivienne was written by Mary Kirby[8], who remarked that she is "allergic to Fereldan fashions," arranges to receive only approved gifts on Wintersend and favors gold encrusted boots made from rare animals, "and possibly the skins of one or two of her political rivals."[9]
  • When asked to compare Vivienne to food, Mary Kirby described her as "Ortolan Bunting," a notorious French dish. This kind of bird dish is a delicacy in France. The bird is caught alive and then blinded or put in a darkened cage. In the cage, the birds are force-fed until they get very fat and then drowned in a snifter of Armagnac. After which they are roasted for eight minutes.[10][11][12]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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