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Vitality is a skill that increases character's health. Each rank grants +25 health for a maximum of +100 health at rank 4.

Vitality is only available to characters in the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening expansion.

Tiers Edit

  • Passive
  • Requires: Level 20
The character has begun a regimen of strenuous exercise, granting a permanent bonus to health.
Skill-ImprovedVitality icon
Improved Vitality
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: Level 22
The character has adopted a diet of more nourishing foods, granting a further bonus to health.
Skill-ExpertVitality icon
Expert Vitality
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: Level 24
The character has consumed small amounts of toxic substances to enhance natural immunities, granting a further bonus to health.
Skill-MasterVitality icon
Master Vitality
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: Level 26
The character has suffered intentional injuries in order to develop an innate robustness, granting a further bonus to health.

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