The Throne Room is the place where the Arl or Arlessa of the Arling of Amaranthine conducts the business of Vigil's Keep as well as matters of governing such as holding court.

Involvement Edit

Similar to the party camp in the Dragon Age: Origins campaign, you can recover injuries, browse through all companions' inventory, give gifts and so on. There is a storage chest where equipment can be stashed. In addition, this is the meeting place where the nobles gather to address the Warden-Commander.

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for Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
During the course of the game, several trophies can be added to the throne room, including: a dragon egg (appears behind Velanna after taking one from the Silverite Mine), a golem shell (appears near Justice after killing the Inferno golem), and a dragon skull (appears above the throne, after killing the Queen of the Blackmarsh).

Characters Edit

Codex entries Edit

These are obtained from reading books:

Ico codex entry Codex entry: The First Warden (near Yuriah)
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Vassals and their Liege

Notable items Edit

In Books, near Ambassador Cera:

Rcp runecrafting4 Grandmaster Hale Rune Tracing
Tre ico book 2 Verses of DreamsVerses of Dreams
Poetry inspired by the Fade.

In Books:

Rcp runecrafting4 Grandmaster Frost Rune Tracing
Tre ico book 5 The Warrior's HeartThe Warrior's Heart
A book on various orders of warriors, with particular emphasis on the Grey Wardens, Ash Warriors, Legion of the Dead, and Silent Sisters.

In Weapon Stand:

Ico mace Chevalier's MaceChevalier's Mace
Steel (Tier 3)
Requires: 16 strength

Damage: 6.00
Critical chance: 0.60%
Armor penetration: 5.20
Strength modifier: 1.00
Rune slot
+5% cold resistance
-5 spirit resistance
+2 cold damage
Ico longsword Dumat's SpineDumat's Spine
Varies (Tier 7-9)
Requires: 35 strength

Damage: 11.90
Critical chance: 3.40%
Armor penetration: 4.50
Strength modifier: 1.00
Rune slot Rune slot Rune slot
+0.75/+1.5 stamina regeneration in combat
+6 attack
+25% critical/backstab damage

In Armor Stand:

Ico armor light Trickster's TunicTrickster's Tunic
Light chestpiece
Dragonwing (Tier 8)
Requires: 22 strength

Armor: 9.99
Fatigue: 2.50%
Rune slot Rune slot Rune slot
+9 defense
+1 armor
+10 physical resistance

In the Personal Storage:

Ico ring Silver CogSilver Cog
Blunt teeth suggest this ring meshes with another. When equipped with the Golden Cog, the character gains a bonus to health regeneration.

+15% electricity resistance
+15% electricity damage

Special objects Edit

  • The Cask behind Oghren - triggers a series of different humorous dialogues with Oghren which can result in adding or subtracting approval points depending on how the Warden responds.
  • Portrait of a Howe - triggers a conversation with Nathaniel about his childhood.