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The dungeon in Vigil's Keep is used to house prisoners.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest The Prisoner

Characters Edit

Notable items Edit

Prisoner's EffectsEdit

Ico longbow Antivan LongbowAntivan Longbow
Varies (Tier 1-7)
Requires: 14 dexterity

Damage: 6.00
Critical chance: 1.00%
Armor penetration: 4.00
Strength modifier: 1.00
+1% ranged critical chance
Ico gloves light Ornate Leather GlovesOrnate Leather Gloves
Light gloves
Drakeskin (Tier 7)
Requires: 20 strength

Armor: 1.50
Fatigue: 1.15%
+2 dexterity
+1 armor
Ico boots light Studded Leather BootsStudded Leather Boots
Light boots
Varies (Tier 1-7)
Requires: 10 strength

Armor: 0.75
Fatigue: 0.50%
Ico armor light The Bear's EmbraceThe Bear's Embrace
Light chestpiece
Drakeskin (Tier 7)
Requires: 20 strength

Armor: 9.00
Fatigue: 2.30%
Rune slot Rune slot Rune slot
+3 dexterity
+1 armor
+5 physical resistance


Plt ico cultist medallion Soap on a RopeSoap on a Rope
Soap! On a Rope! How quaint.
Plt ico anon letter Blank VellumBlank Vellum
Fine treated lambskin suitable for exacting illustration and script.