Vigil's Keep - Deep Roads is a Deep Roads section which is connected to Vigil's Keep via its basement. Through there, the dwarves once cooperated with the Avvars who owned the Vigil in ancient times. They also worked together to seal the Dark Theurge in an underground chamber.

Involvement Edit

The area can be accessed after completing one of the main quests.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Bombs Away!
Ico Quest It Comes From Beneath
Ico Quest The Shrine of Korth
Ico Quest The Wraith's Vengeance
Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Great Strife - unmarked side quest

Enemies Edit

Map-Vigil's Keep - Deep roads

Map of the area

Dwarven Outpost Area:

Notable items Edit

Ico staff Call of the InfernoCall of the Inferno
White Steel (Tier 8)
Requires: 40 magic

Damage: 6.80 (Fire)
Armor penetration: 45.00
Rapid aim (-0.2s)
+5% cold resistance
+10 spellpower
+15% fire damage
, Urn in Forbidden Chamber
Ico greataxe FrenzyFrenzy
White Steel (Tier 8)
Requires: 42 strength

Damage: 17.00
Critical chance: 5.10%
Armor penetration: 6.75
Strength modifier: 1.10
Rune slot Rune slot Rune slot
+0.5/+1 health regeneration in combat
+5 damage
+10% spell resistance
+10 attack
, from The Shrine of Korth
Ico amulet Talisman of RestorationTalisman of Restoration
A silver disc dangles from a golden chain.

+3 willpower
Reduces hostility
+15% to healing effects received
Chance to avoid missile attacks
, Urn in Forbidden Chamber
Ico boots light Trickster's BootsTrickster's Boots
Light boots
Dragonwing (Tier 8)
Requires: 22 strength

Armor: 2.50
Fatigue: 0.63%
+20% electricity resistance
-10% fatigue
, Skeleton at the Circle of the Forsaken
Ico belt Wasp's StingWasp's Sting
The assassin known as the Wasp earned her nickname by perfecting a speedy jab.

+1 armor penetration
+6 attack
+5% critical/backstab damage
, dropped from the Ogre commander
Plt ico idol arcanehorror Corrupted IconCorrupted Icon
This lead icon, etched with silver, is shaped to represent a twisted perversion of the Avvar warrior ideal.
, Urn in Forbidden Chamber
Goldenidolofkorth Golden Idol of KorthGolden Idol of Korth
A polished figurine of Korth the Mountain-Father. It still glimmers after all these years.
, Darkspawn Corpse near The Shrine of Korth
Plt ico key Key of HaakonKey of Haakon
An exceptionally old key.
, under a locked trapdoor in the Deep Roads
Plt ico key Key of KorthKey of Korth
A key hewn from rock.
, in an urn near The Shrine of Korth in the Deep Roads
Plt ico key Key of the LadyKey of the Lady
A key carved from the bones of a bird.
, in a locked chest at the Dwarven Outpost in the Deep Roads
Plt ico key Key to the CryptKey to the Crypt
This ancient bone key unlocks the Vigil's crypt.
, Darkspawn Corpse
Icon lyrium sand Lyrium SandLyrium Sand
Plot item
Grains of lyrium, ground coarse.
, Lyrium Deposit

Notable gift for companions:

Tre ico runestone 1 Elven RunestoneElven Runestone
A flat stone bearing an elven rune.
, Rocks in the Gem Mine

Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: Ancient Vows, source: Plaque and Warrior Statue
Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Great Strife, source: Book near the The Shrine of Korth