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Vendetta is a rogue talent from the Duelist specialization in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Teleport you behind the target, even as an archer
  • 2x physical force
  • Physical damage:
    • Dual Wield: 5.5x base damage
    • Archery: 3.4x base damage

Upgrades Edit

Rogue vendetta Blood Feud
Requires: Level 16

4 points in Duelist

Even foes toughened by years of experience now suffer serious harm from Vendetta, and those that a warrior has left STAGGERED fare even worse.

300% physical damage vs STAGGERED targets

Enemy armor momentarily 0%
Enemy damage resistance momentarily 0% -10s cooldown

Notes Edit

  • Vendetta can be used from a noticable distance
  • Vendetta doesn't require Parry to be active
  • Vendetta can be used against any target, not just the target of your Throw the Gauntlet talent
  • Since Vendetta teleports the rogue behind a target, this can cause enemies currently attacking the rogue to miss their attacks

Bugs Edit

  • ps3Icon ps3 With Blood Feud upgrade, Mark of Death or any other similar ability that reduces damage resistance by a set percentage won't work.

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