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Velanna's dialogue contains a list of the conversations that Velanna shares with the other companions, in which they discuss each other's backgrounds, and their reactions to the game's events.

Velanna's remarks Edit

  • (Entering the Avvar Crypt) "We are trampling on the bones of the dead. That is never a good thing."
  • (When entering the Amaranthine market) "I've never seen so many humans in one place. Look at them...crawling, all over, like rats."
  • (On the bridge in Knotwood Hills) "The human in town said no one knew about this place. How does one miss a hole this large?"
  • (Upon finding the secret passage in Kal'Hirol) "A hidden door? My...the dwarves sure pack a great deal of deviousness into packages."
  • (When walking inside Kal'Hirol Main Hall) "I...I think the walls are breathing."
  • (When nearing large lyrium container in Kal'Hirol Trade Quarter) "What were the dwarves thinking? Having this much lyrium in one place is dangerous."
  • (Kal'Hirol Lower Reaches, in the long hallway) "Do you hear that? It sounds like some kind of...murmuring."
  • (Kal'Hirol's Lower Reaches, near the broodmother pit) "Ugh. I think I'm going to be sick."
  • (At the Silverite Mine, upon seeing the ballista) "This contraption will allow us to quickly dispatch those darkspawn. Come on! We've no time to lose!"
  • (Initial remark when entering the Blackmarsh) "This is an unnatural place. The Veil is thin, and spirits abound. We must be wary."
  • (Past the old sign upon entering the Blackmarsh) "My people say this place used to be beautiful, lush...until some unnatural perversion occurred."
  • (When nearing the dragon bone head in the Blackmarsh) "Powerful magic surrounds these bones. I...I do not think the beast is truly dead."
  • (Near a Veil Tear in the Blackmarsh) "That is a tear in the Veil. The spirit realm lies very close to us here."
  • (First encounter with The Children) "What were those things? Some kind of darkspawn?" "Do these creatures change? Do they evolve?"
  • (Near ruined house in the Blackmarsh) "Nature should have reclaimed this place a long time ago, but it hasn't. There is something else here."
  • (During the conversation with The First in the Blackmarsh) "It was a trap, and we are all fools for falling into it."
  • (First entering the Blackmarsh Undying) "Who is this "First?" And who is this "Mother" he spoke of?"
  • (On the path toward the village in The Blackmarsh Undying) "So the village still exists, but only beyond the Veil."
  • (Approaching the coffins in the first room of the Shadowy Crypt) "Do not... do not falter! These creatures have no power over us!"
  • (Later in The Blackmarsh Undying during the quest A Maiden in Distress) "Not again. You have a knack for stumbling into traps, don't you?"

Velanna and Anders Edit

  • Anders: Have I ever told you that I find tattoos on women incredibly attractive?
  • Velanna: Have I ever told you that I find most humans physically and morally repulsive?
  • Anders: Good to know!
  • Anders: Perhaps one day we could sit down to discuss magic?
  • Velanna: What would that accomplish?
  • Anders: Lots? Great civilizations are built on the sharing of ideas.
  • Velanna: Sharing? You mean stealing, of course. Followed by crushing those you stole from.
  • Anders: You know that chip on your shoulder? I think it has replaced your head.
  • Velanna: The chip on my shoulder hasn't replaced my head.
  • Anders: Whoa. She's talking to me. Voluntarily. Check the sky for flying pigs!
  • Velanna: Ugh. Forget it.
  • Anders: (Chuckles) I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.
  • Velanna: (Sigh) Humans and their irrepressible urges.
  • Velanna: You escaped your Circle, didn't you?
  • Anders: Several times. But they always found me using my phylactery. Not that I minded being caught much. They always assigned the same templar to track me down. Or perhaps she asked. I hope it's the latter. On those long trips back to the tower -- I in manacles, she glaring silently -- the air practically sizzled.
  • Velanna: You escaped your Circle, repeatedly, for a woman?
  • Anders: Well, not for her. But she made being caught more fun. That's me, always looking on the bright side.
  • Velanna: My fireballs are bigger than yours.
  • Anders: It's not the size that counts, Velanna.
  • Velanna: Did they tell you that in your Circle? They were trying not to hurt your feelings.
  • Anders: The Circle lied to me? Andraste's sword, my world is falling apart! I have been unmanned!

Velanna and Justice Edit

  • Velanna: Ugh... your skin it's peeling.
  • Justice: Oh really? I didn't notice.
  • Velanna: Can I give you a poultice? Anything that can help?
  • Justice: No, I thank you for the offer, but Kristoff's body is dead. There is nothing that can be done.
  • Velanna: I shant hope for the smell to improve then?
  • Justice: No, you probably shouldn't.
  • Velanna: What will happen to you once Kristoff's body has fully decayed?
  • Justice: I do not know. Perhaps I will be drawn back to the Fade?
  • Velanna: Or remain here, bound to the tiny motes of dust that once were Kristoff.
  • Justice: Do you think that's possible?
  • Velanna: I know less about this than you. How securely is your spirit bound to this body? Can you leave it?
  • Justice: I could, if I chose to.
  • Velanna: Do you want to leave it?
  • Justice: I... do not know anymore.
  • Velanna: It seems you actually like this world.
  • Justice: I do. I have had experiences I cannot even begin to explain.
  • Velanna: A pity that you'll soon fall apart.
  • Justice: I could find and inhabit another corpse. A female body might offer a different perspective, wouldn't you think?
  • Velanna: If I die in your presence, you stay away from my body, you hear me?
  • Justice: Your objection is noted.
  • Justice: This thing you did, the murders of those men in the forest...
  • Velanna: What of it?
  • Justice: What you did was wrong. You must make amends.
  • Velanna: And to whom should I make these amends? Those humans are dead, if you'll recall.
  • Justice: You must make amends to humans. It was your condemnation of their race that led to your folly.
  • Velanna: I wouldn't expect that to occur anytime soon.
  • Justice: Why do you believe that atonement is unnecessary?
  • Velanna: By the Creators! This again?
  • Justice: You murdered humans because you believed they had wronged you, yet they had not.
  • Velanna: Humans have wronged my kind plenty.
  • Justice: Yet they were innocent of this.
  • Velanna: Don't speak of what you do not understand, spirit!
  • Justice: You are correct that I do not understand, Velanna. Help me to understand.
  • Velanna: (Sigh) There is... so much history between my kind and humans, Justice. Where would I begin?
  • Justice: You can only be responsible for your actions, your judgment. Does the same not apply to them?
  • Velanna: You may be right. I don't know.
  • Justice: And the atonement?
  • Velanna: I will atone when they do.
  • Velanna: What sort of atonement would be appropriate?
  • Justice: You have reconsidered, then?
  • Velanna: I am simply curious to hear what you think would be suitable.
  • Justice: Teach them. Show these humans what they are so carelessly destroying.
  • Velanna: And if they do not listen?
  • Justice: Then you have done what you could.
  • Velanna: It's... worth thinking about.

Velanna and Nathaniel Edit

  • Nathaniel: Your glares suggest that you do not care for my presence.
  • Velanna: I am simply wondering how your kind can call yourselves "nobles." It seems ironic.
  • Nathaniel: We like irony. And it rolls off the tongue better than "oppressors."
  • Velanna: Ah, so you're a funny human.
  • Nathaniel: Not I. I wouldn't dare lighten your mood, my lady.
  • Velanna: (Grunts)
  • Nathaniel: Still with the deadly looks, my lady?
  • Velanna: "My lady" is such a human thing to call someone.
  • Nathaniel: It is a term of respect. You think it's human to be respectful?
  • Velanna: Now you're mocking me.
  • Nathaniel: I think you're a lovely woman, and due some respect. So I call you a lady.
  • Velanna: Well... stop it!
  • Velanna: So you not only gave up on killing the Grey Warden who murdered your father, you actually joined the order.
  • Nathaniel: Are you trying to pick a fight, Velanna? Baiting me like this is juvenile.
  • Velanna: I just wanted to know how you felt.
  • Nathaniel: How do you feel knowing you murdered all those people because you were too arrogant to check your facts?
  • Velanna: Warm and fuzzy.
  • Nathaniel: You're a terrible person. And your ears are clownish.
  • Velanna: What? Who's juvenile now?
  • Velanna: I may have misjudged you a little.
  • Nathaniel: Just a little?
  • Velanna: I sometimes paint all humans with the same brush.
  • Nathaniel: As long as it's such a pretty brush, I don't mind.
  • Velanna: I'm sure I don't know what that means.
  • Nathaniel: It means your apology is appreciated, my lady.
  • Velanna: Well, then. Good.
  • Velanna: When you were talking about the pretty brush, did you mean... me?
  • Nathaniel: (Chuckles) It can't be the first time someone's said you're pretty.
  • Velanna: And if it is?
  • Nathaniel: Then you must not talk to many people.
  • Velanna: Most people aren't worth talking to.
  • Nathaniel: You believe that your ancestors used to be immortal.
  • Velanna: I don't "believe" it. It's true.
  • Nathaniel: How do you know?
  • Velanna: Why would the elders lie?
  • Nathaniel: Why indeed?
  • Velanna: So you don't believe the elves were immortal.
  • Nathaniel: When did I say that?
  • Velanna: You asked me if I believed that my ancestors were once immortal.
  • Nathaniel: And where in that question was it implied that I believed otherwise?
  • Velanna: Then you do believe the elves were immortal.
  • Nathaniel: I didn't say that either.
  • Velanna: You...are...exasperating.
  • Nathaniel: So you have a sister? A younger sister?
  • Velanna: That is no secret. I've mentioned her several times now.
  • Nathaniel: For the longest time, I thought my sister was dead. When we were children, she put beetles in my blankets. She would laugh to hear me shriek.
  • Velanna: Seranni liked to put sap in my hair. She also pushed me into an icy river. Twice.
  • Nathaniel: Ouch.
  • Velanna: Hmm. Yes. Why did I want to rescue her, again?

Velanna and Oghren Edit

  • Velanna: If you must be so close, dwarf, I'd prefer that you turn your head.
  • Oghren: Well, sorry for looking. I can't help that your womanly splendor is at eye level.
  • Velanna: What? I was referring to your --
  • Oghren: Oh, you weren't talking about -- er, what were you talking about?
  • Velanna: Your breath, dwarf. The fell cloud that emanates from your gaping maw.
  • Oghren: (Chuckles) They didn't call me the ladykiller of Orzammar for nothing.
  • Velanna: Tell me about your people, dwarf.
  • Oghren: Well, elf, for starters, we do not like being called "dwarf."
  • Velanna: I apologize. Please tell me about your people, Oghren.
  • Oghren: I'll tell you one thing -- you bony human and elven types have nothing on our women.
  • Velanna: You think I'm bony?
  • Oghren: Yeah. Look at that rump. You call that a rump? A man needs some cushion.
  • Velanna: Why do your people revere the stone so much?
  • Oghren: It's because we come from the Stone. When we come out of our mothers, we're small, round rocks. Pink-streaked rocks are girls, and gray ones are boys. The rocks must be dipped in lava for a few moments each day to keep warm. Every year, a few unlucky parents drop the rock into the lava and can't get it out. Very sad. But do it right, and in a few weeks, the rock cracks open, revealing a bouncing dwarven baby.
  • Velanna: Like... an egg? That can't be right.
  • Oghren: Are you questioning dwarven nature and tradition? I'm insulted. (grunts)
  • Velanna: Is it true that dwarves are dwindling? The darkspawn always at the gates of Orzammar, threatening to overwhelm you?
  • Oghren: Yes. And yes, it's only a matter of time.
  • Velanna: We elves are few in number, and every one of us is precious. But you... you isolate your casteless, forbid them from bearing weapons. And you saw what happened in Kal'Hirol.
  • Oghren: Yes, well. The noble caste has a stick up its collective butt. A stick called "tradition."

(After Oghren tells Velanna how dwarves are supposedly born, and after Velanna confronts Sigrun about it)

  • Oghren: (Groans) Don't say anything. Every noise feels like a rusty nail shoved in my forehead.
  • Velanna: Had a bit too much fun last night? I can help. I had clanmates as bad as you. They used this root as a remedy, powdered and mixed with water. Here.
  • Oghren: Thanks.

(After Oghren receives "remedy")

  • Oghren (in MS Sam voice): What's wrong with you, woman? What was that thing you gave me?
  • Velanna: Just a little something to caution you against telling me more tales about baby rocks.
  • Oghren: I just told you a harmless lie, but you... you... When does the swelling go down? It's throbbing!
  • Velanna: (Laughs)

Velanna and Sigrun Edit

  • Velanna: I swear I saw you pick up a handful of dirt and sniff it back there!
  • Sigrun: I didn't.
  • Velanna: You did! I saw you.
  • Sigrun: (Sighs) Fine. But it smells good, like falling leaves and sunlight. Aren't elves supposed to be close to nature?
  • Velanna: Figuratively! We don't stuff our noses in it!
  • Sigrun: You're the first elf I've ever known. Do you feel honored?
  • Velanna: Why would I feel honored?
  • Sigrun: Your actions will influence my opinion of your race. Forever.
  • Velanna: Oh. Thank you. I needed more anxiety.
  • Sigrun: Glad to help!
  • Sigrun: You're really, really grumpy.
  • Velanna: You noticed.
  • Sigrun: I'm good at reading people.
  • Velanna: Ah, so it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm terribly obvious about it.
  • Sigrun: Your ears are so pointy, like an animal. Do they make it easier for you to hear?
  • Velanna: Are you...are you saying my ears are big?
  • Sigrun: Not excessively so...
  • Velanna: You think they're clownish, don't you?
  • Sigrun: You know, now that you mention it...
  • Velanna: I knew it! Don't talk to me.
  • Velanna: Why are you so loyal to your Legion of the Dead? And to Orzammar? Don't they hate you?
  • Sigrun: They do. I'm casteless, so I'm worthless to them.
  • Velanna: And yet you'll give your life away to prove...what?
  • Sigrun: That I...I'm more than they say I am?
  • Velanna: You don't owe them anything. you don't need to prove your worth to them.
  • Sigrun: Maybe I need to prove it to myself.

(After Velanna and Oghren share a certain conversation)

  • Velanna: Sigrun, is it true that dwarves are born as rocks?
  • Sigrun: "Born as rocks?"
  • Velanna: I knew it! That slimy, foul-breathed toadstool! "Pink rocks are girls, gray ones are boys." Ugh, and I almost believed him!
  • Sigrun: Who? Oghren? You believed Oghren?

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