Velabanchel is a prison controlled by the Antivan Crows.

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Velabanchel is an infamous and feared prison, where the Antivan Crows incarcerate victims for "fun and torture". The prison's reputation has earned it the nickname, "The house of graves". The prison is virtually impenetrable, located by the freezing sea, and literally swarming with seasoned assassins.

It was first built by King Semion and used to house anyone who displeased him.

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for Dragon Age: The Silent Grove.
Velabanchel interior

Velabanchel interior

Alistair, Varric and Isabela break into Velabanchel as part of a "rescue" planned by Alistair. Varric attempts to open the gates for his companions, though inadvertently alerts the Crows. Once the trio are inside, a huge battle ensues. Varric and Isabela volunteer to hold off the attackers, while Alistair goes after his target. Alistair fights with the apparent commander of the prison, a Qunari who cripples Alistair's arm with a mace, before being slain. Alistair then opens a cell, and addresses its inhabitant as "King Maric". The man replies "You're too late. Much too late," as he is not Maric but did share a cell with him: Maric was freed long ago by Yavana the Witch of the Wilds.

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Unique Dagger
After his cousin, Queen Madrigal, died in the Exalted Age, young King Semion grew into a paranoid recluse. He built Velabanchel, filling the prison fortress with anyone who displeased him - with this dagger part of his "questioning." The blade disappeared after he had died in a fire, though rumor says it passed to the Antivan Crow who killed him.
Requires: Level 17

Damage: 124–128
+3% Attack
+3% Critical Chance
+31% Critical Damage Bonus
10% chance to inflict Chain Lightning damage at 50% weapon power