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Varterral Hunting Ground/Mountain Cave


The Varterral Hunting Ground is a cave system under Sundermount, named for beast which hunts its prey within. It has come to be known more simply as the Mountain Cave in Act 3.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DA2 Mirror Image - Act 2
Quest icon DA2 Herbalist's Tasks - Act 2
Quest icon DA2 Honoring the Fallen - Act 2
Quest icon DA2 A Murder of Crows - Act 3

Characters Edit

Caves and mines map (DA2)

Map of the area

Enemies Edit

  • Cave Spider
  • Frost Horror
  • Hunter Spider
  • Skeletal Archer
  • Varterral
  • Wasp Spider

Notable items Edit

Plot items Edit

Amulet red DA2 Radha's AmuletRadha's Amulet
Plot item
- for Honoring the Fallen
Amulet silver DA2 Harshal's AmuletHarshal's Amulet
Plot item
- for Honoring the Fallen
Amulet red DA2 Chandan's AmuletChandan's Amulet
Plot Item
- for Honoring the Fallen
Plot item DA2 Varterral's HeartVarterral's Heart
Plot item
- for Herbalist's Tasks

Crafting resources Edit

Deep Mushroom DA2 Deep MushroomDeep Mushroom
Crafting resource
- Act 2
Glitterdust GlitterdustGlitterdust
Crafting resource
- Act 2
Orichalcum OrichalcumOrichalcum
Crafting resource
- Act 2

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