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It is said they were rock and tree, wind and rain, given form and breath by the elven gods to protect their people.



Varterral is a huge spider-like creature that stands on five massive legs that allows it to move at surprising speeds.

Background Edit

These deadly guardians were created by elves in the time of ancient Arlathan, and are now often associated with that lost elven culture and the times that have been lost to history. It is said that the varterrals were created from the elements of rock, fallen trees, wind, and rain.[1]

The first of these creatures were created to guard an ancient city beloved by the elven god Dirthamen. It is said that if charged to guard something, a varterral will stay alive no matter how many times it is struck.[2] They attack with speed, fast strikes and venomous spit. In theory they should never attack an elf except in self-defense.[3]

Involvement Edit

Witch Hunt Edit

A varterral appears as the final boss of Witch Hunt, the final DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. The creature's presence in the Dragonbone Wastes comes as a complete surprise to everyone present and is never explained, though it presumably has something to do with the Eluvian hidden deep beneath the Wastes.

Dragon Age II Edit

A varterral is fought in the Varterral Hunting Ground in Sundermount during the "Mirror Image" quest, and again at the same cave and place during the "A Murder of Crows" quest; Hawke sees the varterral for the second time and says "Didn't I already kill it?" If Merrill is present in the party she will explain that as long as the varterral has a duty to guard something, it will stay alive no matter how many times it is defeated.

Dragon Age: The Masked Empire Edit

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“I have no wish to discuss our family's bloody history. I know it quite well, thank you.” — Empress Celene
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Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons and Empress Celene's parties, under a temporary truce, combat a varterral that exists to guard the central eluvian activation chamber and pedestal, and elven labyrinth.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first creature for Dragon Age II to be described on BioWare's site, and one appears in the Destiny trailer.
  • Although they are never referred as such in game, the BioWare website and concept art refer to the beasts as "Striders".
  • Apparently, some varterrals can smell if one is an elf, which helps them discern friendly mortals from enemies.[4] Others, however, appear to attack anyone regardless of whether they are elven or not.[5]

Bugs Edit

  • When you are trying to kill the Varterral in Dragon Age II, it may get stuck under the big boulder near the exit passageway stopping you from getting any loot.

Gallery Edit

Codex entries Edit

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References Edit

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