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Freedom was no boon. I look on you now and I think you received the better end of the bargain.

Varania is an elven mage from the Tevinter Imperium and the sister of Fenris.

Background Edit

Hadriana reveals to Fenris that he has a sister and offers more detailed information in exchange for her life. Fenris, whose memories of his pre-slave life have been erased by Danarius, accepts the deal but kills Hadriana anyway. He is told that his sister, Varania, is still in Tevinter and serves at the court of Magister Ahriman in Qarinus. When Fenris asks if she is a slave, Hadriana denies that and tells him Varania is a servant. Unbeknown to Fenris, she is also a mage trying to be taken into apprenticeship with one of the Tevinter Magisters. Varania and Fenris grew up together in Tevinter, however Fenris does not remember.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.
Varania is used to lure Fenris into a trap set by his former master Danarius. Danarius' promised her that if she would help him re-capture her brother, he would make her his apprentice. Fenris can either kill her or let her go. If Varania lives, she reveals that Fenris competed to obtain his lyrium markings and used a boon in order to free her and their mother from slavery yet states she resented their freedom as she was unable to cope with the hardships that came with it. She then leaves. Note that if you are romancing Fenris successfully there will be another option: when he says he has no one, Hawke can be given the option to say "You have me."

Trivia Edit

  • Having been emancipated from slavery, Varania would be a member of Tevinter's 'Liberati' social class

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