Vanard is a magistrate of Kirkwall living in Hightown.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

Vanard offers Hawke the quest Magistrate's Orders. He is looking for a dangerous criminal who escaped and now is hiding in some old ruins. He already sent some guards there but they were slaughtered by unspecified "creatures". If you accept the quest, he will offer Hawke a promise of future support for the return of the criminal, as long as he is brought back alive and unharmed.

After finding the criminal named Kelder he admits that Magistrate Vanard is his father. You can choose to return him to Vanard, which will result in a 1DAO goldpiece trans reward (2DAO goldpiece trans if you choose to blackmail Vanard) or to kill him which will result in no reward from the magistrate (you still get 1DAO goldpiece trans from the elf at the entrance, Elren, if you kill Kelder) and a promise of revenge from him. Although he is not heard from again.