Valeska's Watch is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

An old key, found in Emprise du Lion and shaped vaguely like a griffon, has the words "Valeska's Watch" scratched into its face.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained by finding a key on a corpse (using the Search function) east of Drakon's Rise Camp, in view of the entry to Valeska's Watch itself.

Walkthrough Edit

Opening the door to Valeska's Watch completes the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 331 XP
  • 150 Influence

Notes Edit

  • A group of undead are found inside that must be fought.
  • Darkspawn also begin to appear, it is a very hard fight for most players. stock up on potions and tonics.
  • The following items are found inside Valeska's Watch:
    • Valeska's Watch and Deep Roads Entrance landmarks for the collection Landmarks in the Emprise
    • Both Grey Warden artifacts needed for the Emprise du Lion part of Blackwall's companion quest, Memories of the Grey
    • Audacity icon KnightslayerKnightslayer
      Unique Dual-Blade Dagger
      The most famous elven criminal in Orlais was Alidda of Halamshiral, arrested in 4:45 Black for slaying three chevaliers. The trial, presided over by Divine Clemence I, revealed that Alidda had slain twelve chevaliers, in retaliation for the "graduation" tradition that sent knights into the slums to attack elves out past curfew. Alidda escaped and killed twenty more chevaliers, two in single combat, before she was cornered and, to avoid capture, cut her throat with her own dagger.
      Requires: Level 13

      Damage: 74–76 AoE
      +32 Damage vs. Living
      +5% Armor Penetration
      +9% Critical Damage Bonus
      +5% Guard Damage Bonus
      looted from a corpse
    • Wintersbreath icon WintersbreathWintersbreath
      Unique Shield
      Egon Wintersbreath, one of history's greatest dwarven warriors, achieved Paragon status in his own lifetime, leading the defense of the Kingdom of Hormak during the First Blight until it fell in -35 Ancient. When word came that Orzammar would seal its passages from the other kingdoms, he dropped his hammer and left for the surface, grieving, "I would rather die under an alien sky than be buried in the Stone that betrayed us."
      Requires: Level 15

      Armor: 26
      +3 Constitution
      +30% Front Defense
      +20 Guard Max
      +6% Ranged Defense
      Berserk: +10% damage bonus, +100% damage from all sources
      looted from a corpse
    • Superb Dragon-Slaying Rune icon Sigil of the Arcane HorrorSigil of the Arcane Horror

      +10% Spirit Damage
      -50% All Other Damage
      in a chest (requires Trespasser DLC)

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Valeska's Watch