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Valendrian is the Elder, or hahren, of the elves of the Denerim Alienage. He is encountered in the City Elf Origin, and during the Landsmeet if the Warden is not a city elf.

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As its hahren, Valendrian effectively runs the Alienage, and has done so since he was in his thirties.[1] He acts as the voice and administrator of the Alienage, although lacks any real power in Denerim politics. He is a good friend of Duncan, who apparently visits the alienage from time to time. Valendrian respects him for being able to recognize that 'talent can be found in the most unlikely of places'.[2]

He once persuaded Duncan not to conscript Adaia into the Grey Wardens. If a male city elf speaks with Duncan on why the Grey Warden is in Denerim after the women are kidnapped, he reveals his hope for recruiting Adaia's child were dashed when Valendrian out-manoeuvred him by bringing the wedding forward. If the Warden speaks with Valendrian on this, the Elder falters, revealing that when Duncan sent word he panicked, and that he hopes the Warden realises he had their best interests in mind.

Indeed, in personality, Valendrian is a committed and deeply caring elder to the city elves of Denerim. Though he can be intimidating at first, and his weathered features seemingly resemble an apple left out over the winter,[3] Valendrian looks out for the alienage however he can, and acts as a source of strength for it when its people need inspiration the most.[4]

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Valendrian presides over Soris and the City Elf Warden's wedding, before it is interrupted by Vaughan Kendells. He is initially submissive, but later backs the plan to attack the Arl of Denerim's Estate to free the kidnapped women.

He is later taken captive by Caladrius and the Tevinter Slavers. If the Warden is a city elf, Valendrian will have already been shipped off to the Tevinter Imperium, and Cyrion will be there in his place. For a non city-elf Warden, Valendrian will still be in Denerim and will thank them if they rescued the Elves and will reward them with the Gift of the Grey when visited back at his home and can be spoken to about his history with Duncan.

The Darkspawn Chronicles

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Although Valendrian fights valiantly to protect the vhenadahl from darkspawn that wanted to burn it, he was eventually killed by the Hurlock vanguard's forces. Valendrian's efforts are in vain, as the vanguard ultimately destroys the vhenadahl.


  • Sometimes, immediately after releasing Valendrian from the same room where you just killed Caladrius, a cutscene will start which initiates the conversation that is normally seen inside of Valendrian's home.

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