The Valence Cloister is a small but ornate Chantry in Orlais. It is most famous for being the former residence of Revered Mother Dorothea, who would go on to become Divine Justinia V.

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Quest icon DAI The Left Hand of the Divine

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“Whatever we were before, we are now the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
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Leliana comes here to investigate a missive left behind by Divine Justinia V.

Choices made in this location can soften or harden Leliana.

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  • 1 or 2 DAI-Unique-Dagger-Icon3 Tongue of SerpentsTongue of Serpents
    Unique Dagger
    Inscribed in dwarven runes: "I speak the tongue of serpents." Its wielder feels a gnawing hunger satisfied only by enemy blood.
    Requires: Level 10

    Damage: 82–85
    +3% Attack
    +3 Dexterity
    +8% Flanking Damage Bonus
    On hit: 5% chance to apply poison
    if Leliana kills Sister Natalie.

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