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Uthenera (literally "long sleep" or "endless dream") is a slumber-like state which elders of the ancient elves voluntary entered when they became weary of life and memories. While their bodies would remain in the mortal realm, their spirits would cross the Veil and wander the shifting paths of the Beyond, accompanied by two children of Mythal - Falon'Din and his twin brother Dirthamen This state did not necessarily equal death, as some would return after centuries of sleep and share the secrets of dreams with the People. Yet many would never wake up: their bodies would deteriorate and they would in fact die.

The Dalish claim that in the time of Elvhenan uthenera was viewed as an act of reverence. An elder would retire to a chamber that was one part bed and one part tomb and, to great ceremony from all the extended family, would succumb to slumber. The family would continue to visit the chamber to pay respect to the one who made such a sacrifice. The Brecilian Ruins in Ferelden and the Sundermount in the Vimmark Mountains are notable sites where elven elders came to sleep.

With the arrival of humans the practice of uthenera began to fade until it ceased forever after the fall of Arlathan.

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“I have no wish to discuss our family's bloody history. I know it quite well, thank you.” — Empress Celene
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Some elves in uthenera were able to reach "perfection" and draw sustenence from the Fade rather than dying in their sleep. It is possible that some still live, and retain some amount of control over the world of dreams. Elves in uthenera were tended by servants to prevent discomfort from waking them, and who bathed them in scented oils to provide them the spark of wisdom on their journey.[1] Sacred herbs were thrown onto a "eternal fire" in the sleeping chambers (also sometimes doubling as burial chambers[2]) of the Dreamers to guide them to the Beyond.[3]

An elf who had perfected themselves no longer required the potion of water, honey and herbs used to keep mages alive during uthenera (this was determined by brushing the potion on the lips at the full moon and determining at the new moon if it had been imbibed or not). Such elves were moved into beds of pure white, signifying their achievement.[4]

In the days of Arlathan, Dreamers were also sometimes approached by earnest supplicants. These individuals would enter the Dreamers' burial/bed chamber and walk a labyrinth truly visible only to elves; if in earnest, they would find the answers they sought in their dreams.[5]
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“Whatever we were before, we are now the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
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Solas was in Uthenera before joining the Inquisition.[6]

Abelas and other Sentinel elves frequently enter Uthenera and wake only to defend their temple.

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