• Zachariah Zuan

    SOD IT ALL Sod it all to the ancestors, I did my best dammnit! my

    what was I writing? uuuuuh yeah that's it, I shit you not, There I was, Chevalier's to left of me, Fire breathing Abominations to my right! and and, and Paragons to the left of me, n-now now don't get me wrong! I was born in Dustown, I had no damn rights i'mma casteless! no better than dried nug droppings! I had-hadda make a name for myself! w-with no conneeections, that's tough man, tough! I worked my way, as most men of my caliber do, through hard work, perseverance and dedication to the law, you don't buy that crap? bugger, well truth is, crime crime crime, profit and more crime, occasional stints in jail, but this Dwarf is made of Sterner stuff!

    I figured, sod Orzammar, I'…

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