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Ygrain April 4, 2012 User blog:Ygrain


English is a wonderful language. Yeah, it is. Soft and melodic to the ear, and due to the lack of endings and prevalence of very short words, a perfect tool for coining new expressions. A translator’s nightmare to get these right in the target language.

Yet, currently, I’m facing a different problem: how to translate a specifically coined expression into English. "Předpřiposranost" is a noun, describing a not particularly desirable quality of shitting one’s pants a bit even before a real problem arises; “before-a bit-shitted-ness”, if you are interested how the word is derived.

I’ll be grateful to anyone who could enlighten me and provide an English equivalent. With the Wikia staff's current crusade against “offensive” pictures, I find myself in need of a fitting expression.


Update: the problem resolved in favour of "lily-liveredness", I really like the sound of it!

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