I don’t want to see or smell anything Qunari for at least a week. Being able to produce green stinking gas and store it in barrels is definitely bad manners, and letting anyone copy the process is unforgivable. The whole neighbourhood must be stinking even now. I must talk to the Viscount to make sure the Qunari enclave is not supplied with beans any more.

Also, I must talk to Aveline. Keeping a district closed when there occurs a leak is a sensible idea as long as you don’t let people in, but what about letting out those who got trapped there? – Just saying, you know. Though, I do not complain about all those mercenaries staying in– they conveniently kept turning up only after I closed one of those damned barrels, and by the time I was done with the second one, the layer of bodies was thick enough for us to keep our heads above the stench.