I took the boys for a walk today – there’s certainly nothing better you can do in the company of three attractive men publically – and I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Sebastian and Fenris discussing quite openly whether to turn Anders in or not. I hope they were just jesting! How about turning in me next time, huh? I mean, everyone knows by now, anyway, but making this official would really piss me. Can you imagine the public outcry if it was acknowledged that the Champion of Kirkwall is actually a mage? Whereas, if we keep quiet, we may all pretend that I simply chased the Arishok down.

Anyway, were this a joke or not, there will have to be some repercussions. Fenris is an easy pick, he is so predictable when it comes to mages, and the opportunity will soon present itself. As for Sebastian, I’ll have to think really hard. If only I could piss him so much that he would turn and leave back for Starkhaven, that would be something!