I had the pleasure of meeting Knight Captain Cullen today. At first, I was quite thrilled to see that Templars do not restrict their abuse to mages; seeing a Templar abusing another was definitely refreshing. Unfortunately, the other Templar turned out to be an abomination, which sort of spoiled the fun. I was really glad to have Anders along, since two mages against two Templars, albeit consecutively, stand a better chance, but our dear Captain was so absorbed in his own hacking and slashing that he never noticed the two of us casting for our very lives like mad. Must be the lyrium, I suppose. – But I must admit that Cullen is quite charming, for a Templar, and he’s definitely a gentleman, since he never asked why a woman of my age needs a walking stick as tall as herself and looks somewhat more charred than at the beginning of our conversation.