Uncle Gamlen is broke! Wow, what a surprise. No money, no mansion, no nothing – just plenty of liquor on his breath. So much for a happy family reunion and a cosy living in Kirkwall. For some reason, though, Mother still thinks it’s worth trying to get in. Well, I could certainly come up with a dozen places where an apostate like me would be better off, and probably even wouldn’t have to sell my services to pay back the debt.

As could have been expected, Carver seems rather thrilled by the idea; after all, his musculature will come to good use like this. But, oh my: does the boy show an unhealthy fascination with the four-letter words our future employer uses so frequently. It’s so much Carver, being impressed by that and totally ignoring that we were just sent to commit a murder to get the job. Amazing what some males imagine as means of showing off their masculinity. – Or, maybe it’s just Carver.