MMMCCCXXXIV Today’s discovery: diagnosis confirmed. Fenris is a freak. Or an idiot. Or both. Now, if one goes I-hate-mages-bwahaha all the time, wouldn’t it be at least a bit logical not to hang around one all the time? I mean, he is quite useful with a sword, but I was no way convincing him to stay. I wasn’t even nice to him – alright, alright, I do admit the flirting part but we all know the way it went. – By the way, wouldn’t you think I was the last person on Thedas he would like to bed? No. Or, what every sensible being would do, i.e. bang the door and sod off? No. Instead, he comes and debates with me his purpose in life. – Definitely a masochist, or an idiot, or both.

CCXXII Remember: be extremely careful with words around the Qunari: they don’t mind seeing a staff or the tale-telling robes, but if you tell them right away that you are a mage, they go nuts. Never, ever tell the Qunari that someone is a mage unless you are ready for a fight. – And if you are, feel free to go ahead… the Qunari idea of treating mages makes Templars almost endearing. Neither can be reasoned with but the Templars are somewhat more to my tastes.

MXXXI I stopped for a little chat with Sebastian. For the very life of me, I can’t understand why a man of his kind makes vows of chastity. I just made a remark or two, batted my lashes a bit, and he quickly made his apologies and dashed off, mumbling something rather incoherent, featuring prayers and cold baths. I love being mean!