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Hawke's Diary LIV

Ygrain July 4, 2011 User blog:Ygrain

Carver has a sweetheart! Or maybe, had a sweetheart, since he doesn’t seem to be inclined to answer that letter she sent. What a pity it landed on my desk. Brother dear pretended he wasn’t interested and didn’t even want to read it, so I just shrugged and hinted that it contained some juicy details. I believe this moved our sibling rivalry to totally new levels.

Speaking of sibling rivalry, I still have to wonder why and how it all started, since I’m not aware of any fault on my part – I mean, entering a barn in a most inconvenient moment doesn’t count, does it? – Though, with Carver, one never knows. I’m pretty sure that were there a war to start around here, he’d certainly blame it on me.

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