It seems that my estimate of people is not as good as I thought. Take Varric – I always thought he was the brightest of the lot, so when we met that repulsive Karras type, I confidently let him talk us out of it, as usually. Meh. Must have been a fatal dice roll or something on the board of Fate, since he couldn’t come up with a better cover-up than saying blatantly that I was a Fereldan mage sent by Meredith herself to help the Templars clean their own mess. Ser Thrask, of course, kept changing shades from pale to purple but he did confirm the flop, so now we’re all just waiting for Karras to come home and go “Yes, Ma’am, it all went very well, that Hawke mage you sent was a great help” – “WTF are you talking about?” Sympathetic to the mages as Thrask may be, I doubt he would take any pains to cover me, especially if it may be meant literally. I guess I’d better tell Mother dear that we should pack our garbs real quick and move house – not just another district but another continent.