I paid a visit to the Gallows today and Fenris expressed his fear that I might be recognized as an apostate. It was so darling of him! I assured him everything would be OK, and even told him about my little trick: it’s my specific running style. The way I sway my hips while running leisurely makes everyone stare enraptured, Templars included. They never notice that the said hips are encased in my stylish mage robes, not to mention that nicely polished skull which decorates the top of my staff (after all, it’s placed in a safe distance from the hips so as not distract). Quite a couple of people have already asked how I do it, since they do not seem able to grasp the knack of running and swaying at the same time, but I’ll never tell my secret to anyone (and I’ll never tell them that I occasionally dislocate my hip because of that, either).