All info comes from DA producer Fernando Melo and marketing director David Silverman. I went through and watched the small interview Silverman had with Melo and the fan Q&A with Melo and Silverman.

Important Points to pull from interview:

  • Fans liked Legacy. Dev was happy. Will continue to use Legacy formula.
  • Next DLC is Item Pack to be released on Tuesday, Aug 23.
  • Will be able to release more info about upcoming DA2 related content in the coming weeks after gamescom.
  • Players liked Corypheus fight. But party member's AI is retarded on that fight, so they want to improve it for future content.
  • They're going to take their time with future DLC because they did with Legacy and that turned out well.
  • They will try to get out some non-story content in between story content.
  • They don't have any plans for companion specific DLC at this time, more focused on continuing Hawke's story based on what players seemed to want from DA:O DLC.
  • There was a DA panel that I missed. If it was taped, then I'll try to find it. Apparently there was trivia and questions and content Gaider put together and feedback...generally sounds like it was awesome and had a lot of info on DA2, if not future info, then more about the story and characters.
  • Question came in about Varric romance DLC. They said "we'll see".

Important Points to pull from Q&A:

  • Grey Wardens are a "pillar" to what's going on in Dragon Age.
  • Not done with Hawke's story.
  • Couldn't answer question about Hawke and Warden returning, said it's quite possible.
  • We will see Leliana again "sooner than we think".
  • Noted that potential biggest feedback about Dragon Age 2 is that decisions don't appear to matter. They will "absolutely" be working on it in the future, they seemed to imply that your decisions that impact the world will absolutely carry over, but perhaps not smaller, character specific ones, unlike Mass Effect.
  • There will not be as much as DLC for DA2 as for DA:O because of length and quality issues with some of DA:O's DLC.
  • We will be seeing more cameos from Origins and DA2 characters in the future.
  • Stated that Morrigan was critical to the world, and so is Warden, therefore we will definitely be hearing or seeing more of them in the future.
  • Lotta BS in between about dodging questions "we'll talk about it when we're ready, in the meantime, have an item pack!"
  • Chances are we will have more DLC in different parts of Kirkwall, but they are going to try to keep it short-lived and minimize reusing environments.
  • We will likely be seeing other cities in the Free Marches in the future.
  • There was apparently this screenshot we weren't supposed to see that they wouldn't talk about, but it was apparently Hawke riding a dragon, as stated in King Cousland's blog. This reminds me of a tweet I saw from David Gaider that mentioned new concept art that looked awesome that he wouldn't say anymore about.
  • They would probably like to do an expansion but can't confirm any plans at this time.
  • Dodged question about Sandal's prophecy coming true or not.

Unimportant points to pull from this:

  • Silverman wondered wtf why can't we romance dwarves? Melo offered Varric shirtless. Not sure if he's serious, but sure sounded like it.
  • Melo says Varric is one of his favorites.
  • Apparently Silverman doesn't like Merrill.
  • Melo is a fan of modding.

Here is the interviewand the fan Q&A.

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