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    NOTE: You can only ask him questions about the new DA comic books.

    From the article: "We've put together a little round table with the man who knows a great deal about Dragon Age comics. Join us for a Live Twitter Conversation with Dragon Age: The Silent Grove comic writer David Gaider.

    Not only will David Gaider be taking a little time out of his busy schedule, but we're giving away 5 Digital copies of Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1 randomly to anyone who participates by using the Chat hashtag as seen below. (Must have a Dark Horse Digital Webstore account).

    Simply use the Hashtag #DragonAgeComics to join the conversation and ask questions. Example: @davidgaider How shar…

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  • Xelestial

    I found this interview through the DA fandom on tumblr, but it comes from Thedas UK, which is apparently an unofficial Dragon Age con in the UK. They interviewed Gaider and posted this transcript.

    They had this to say about the interview: "A LOT of interesting and surprising info came up in the session, revelations about the Calling, about Templars and the history of their order, mages, discussion about Anders, Nathaniel Howe, Cullen, and Sandal (among others), so much stuff. I hope you're as thrilled to read it all as we were to do the interview!"

    Here it is!

    Note: It isn't perfectly transcribed and it took me almost an hour personally to read and understand what Gaider was trying to say. I…

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  • Xelestial

    This is a bit of old news, and there isn't much substance, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

    Read here --Xelestial (talk) 03:17, January 21, 2012 (UTC)

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    I got this from Tumblr. I enjoyed reading it, especially the bit about Anders which for me is like, game changing, and everything about Fenris. Hope you enjoy it too! Read the post here if you like instead: skyelinepigeon's Tumblr

    So, short backstory! David Gaider is on vacation in New Orleans, where I live. I tweeted at him as a joke about giving him free alcohol in exchange for Dragon Age secrets… much to my surprise he tweeted back and offered to meet up, if I wanted. Much fangirling ensued. We had lunch today!

    I am typing everything up the best I remember. There were some really interesting things we talked about, so I hope you find this information fun and exciting. :D Tis long, sorry! The Fenris bit is my favorite, I think.

    Got m…

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  • Xelestial

    All info comes from DA producer Fernando Melo and marketing director David Silverman. I went through and watched the small interview Silverman had with Melo and the fan Q&A with Melo and Silverman.

    Important Points to pull from interview:

    • Fans liked Legacy. Dev was happy. Will continue to use Legacy formula.
    • Next DLC is Item Pack to be released on Tuesday, Aug 23.
    • Will be able to release more info about upcoming DA2 related content in the coming weeks after gamescom.
    • Players liked Corypheus fight. But party member's AI is retarded on that fight, so they want to improve it for future content.
    • They're going to take their time with future DLC because they did with Legacy and that turned out well.
    • They will try to get out some non-story content in be…
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