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Dragon Age: Inquisition is BioWare's most successful launch in its history UPDATE 2: Based on Units Sold

Wsowen02 January 27, 2015 User blog:Wsowen02

EA today released its financial results for Q3 of Fiscal Year 2015. EA does not give out specific numbers anymore but they did have this to say about the sales performance for Dragon Age: Inquisition:

"Dragon Age: Inquisition captivated fans and critics worldwide and it quickly became the most successful launch in BioWare™ history in addition to being named to more than 200 “Game of the Year” lists. The single player campaign alone has been enjoyed for more than 113 million hours."

It would seem that a Dragon Age 4 is almost a certainty at this point.


UPDATE: EA provided further comment in their conference call with shareholders. EA exceeded their estimates for this quarter and CFO Blake Jorgensen said:

"This extraordinary performance was led by FIFA 15, Madden NFL 15 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. In particular, Dragon Age: Inquisition had by far the most successful launch in BioWare’s history, exceeding our expectations."

He also later called Dragon Age: Inquisition's performance "record-breaking."


UPDATE 2: Gamespot got further clarification from EA:

"An EA representative told GameSpot that the 'most successful launch' milestone is 'based on units sold, but we are not disclosing that total.' "


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