here's my take on Dragon Age III:

I think that Dragon Age III will resemble Dragon Age II more than Dragon Age: Origins. However I hope Bioware will take their fans' advise and bring back some of the features and gameplay elements that made Origins so enjoyable. Origins was a great 'old school' RPG, where as Dragon Age II was more of it's own entity, unique compared to other contemporary RPGs. anyway... here goes:


Dragon Age III will look like DAII, because that's the art style Bioware has chosen for this franchise, and I highly doubt they're going to refurbish the franchise again every game. I really hope that they will redo the skill system though, with more options for customisation in our characters' reportoire. the system they have now is a very SIMPLE system, leaving very little room for unique builds. (Arcane Warrior <3)


Fightingstyle will be similar to DAII, I hope they turn the Rogue into a real Rogue instead of a Teleporting Melee Mage. (come on, back-to-back & "backstab"?!) things should be limited to where you are located. backstabs only work when you're BEHIND the target... lol stealth should be a sustained ability. (adds for interesting game mechanics if your whole party is stealthed, which makes Cunning more important for all classes, as it could serve as Perception (other classes have skills/abilities that increase their perception for X seconds to counter Stealthing Rogues)


  • Kirkwall, all the "prologues/origins" will take place here.
  • Free Marches, Act 1 will be here. You are looking for the Champion of Kirkwall. (won't find him, but you might pick up a companion or 2)
  • Ferelden, Act 2 will be here. You are looking for the Hero of Ferelden. (won't find him, but you might pick up a companion or 2)
  • Orlais, Act 3 will be here. all roads lead to Orlais thus, the Warden and Champion should be found here, no?
  • Deep Roads, I am convinced that the Deep roads are Awesome, and will return in an improved way in Dragon Age III. Kal Sharok has been mentioned in both games if I'm correct, I really hope we'll see it in Dragon Age III.
  • Orzammar, like above, Deep roads, I want there to be some sort of importance to who you made King there... Harrowmont is trying to seclude Orzammar from the rest of the world, or Bhelen is trying to open it up to the world. If the Warden returns he should have access no matter what, (he put said person on the throne)


  • Leliana (probably a companion)
  • Cassandra (NPC)
  • Oghren (I want him to come back :( first time I went into the deeproads to find Nathaniel Howe I was SO excited about "the dwarf we brought from the Vigil" only to find out it wasn't Oghren?) (companion please!)
  • Hawke
  • Warden Commander
  • Alistair (as King, or Anora in case)
  • Tallis (by the sounds of the ending of MotA I think she'll make an appearance, not a big one I presume, but she'll be there...
  • Corypheus
  • Architect, if you let him live in Awakenings. these two could become very interesting (as Corypheus will be inhabiting a Warden, and the Architect will be working with the Wardens)

one thing that bugs me about Characters, some of them mean nothing if you haven't played Origins (or Awakening) same with Corypheus, he has very little meaning to someone who hasn't played Legacy...


  • Mage vs Templar
  • Ferelden vs Orlais War
  • Darkspawn vs Thedas
  • Qunari vs Tevinter

Tevinter will side with the Mages, thus I think there may be a possibility of

  • Tevinter vs Thedas

this one is especially likely if Tevinter somehow manages to take back Seheron, I think the Qunari are on Seheron for a reason, from what I've gathered (codex, banter etc.) they only wanted Seheron, nothing more. which would/could mean they're there to find something (a la Arishok DAII) (like a Mass relay to the Citadel)